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A Brave New World of Trust, Commerce, and Technology

How Tautachrome is Building the Foundation for a Radically New Future of Ecommerce, Starting w/ Your Smartphone

  • Metaverse Market PotentialThe metaverse is coming. Bloomberg estimates this next evolution within the internet will represent an $800 million opportunity in the near future, while others have projected the metaverse has the potential to match the entire global economy’s value.
  • Monetizing Creators’ Images – The KlickZie application will allow the user to capture images with their smartphone that are invisibly marked and verified as original. The owner of the image or video will have the ability to use, sell and monetize their images. This could radically change social media, driving new growth for Tautachrome.
  • Potential Dual ListingTautachrome is eyeing the Australian Stock Exchange for dual listing. This move could bring new eyes, increased exposure, and more volume.


Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) is a technology company revolutionizing Augmented Reality (AR) ecommerce functionality and image ownership, by utilizing proprietary blockchain technology in conjunction with several other patent-pending processes. Their apps and platforms ARknet – KlickZie, and Portal AR are giving users and businesses a new way to interact. They are currently focused on creating blockchain encrypted smartphone-generated imagery and NFTs for sharing and selling using their KlickZie app, and giving worldwide consumers and businesses the unique ability to make sales and purchases exploiting all the power of the Company’s internal crypto currency using their ARknet Platform and AR interfacing. This is incredibly advanced technology, and we think it could have a massive impact across multiple industries.


An Exciting New Opportunity at the Convergence of AR, Blockchain Technology, and Building the Metaverse

“The way we see it, whatever the Metaverse winds up becoming and whatever shape it takes, we want the ARknet Platform to act on the Metaverse from the outside, feeding real-world data in, and extracting virtual information out. The Portal feature could give users a cool way to see into the Metaverse without having to be inside it.” ~ Dr. Jon N Leonard, Tautachrome CEO

Growing Markets – Tautachrome is at the center of several growth markets. The market for NFTs was worth $338 million in 2020, and in the first three months of 2021, NFT trading volumes surged 645%. By the end of 2021, the market for NFTs had surged to a value of $41 billion. By comparison, sales in the conventional art market represented $50 billion in 2020. Retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to $4.28 trillion that same year and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to $5.4 trillion by 2022. Finally, the global AR market size is expected to reach $162.7 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 46%. Tautachrome is well positioned to take advantage of these massive waves. 

Universal Accessibility – Tautachrome’s tools, apps, or products will be easily accessible by most of the human population. Since the ARknet platform can be so easily utilized through smartphones, Tautachrome has a built-in audience of 89% of the global population. That’s represented by any of the planet’s 6.5 billion smartphones now, which is projected to boom to 18.22 billion by 2025.

First Mover Advantage – While they didn’t call it an NFT, Tautachrome was among the first to file patent applications for their process of authentication of images using blockchain technology. And KilckZie makes that technology available for anyone who downloads the app. They are gaining valuable experience in the marketing and personal adoption of these unique technologies, giving them an edge in the market. This is amazing technology, and it’s available to download RIGHT NOW

Patented Technology – Tautachrome’s patents surrounding Activated Imagery, Blockchain, and AR Technology will protect them as they move forward with their products, as well as open up licencing opportunities for future revenue. 

Experienced Leadership The leadership team at Tautachrome has experience across multiple technology sectors from defense to 3-D printing. They hold numerous patents in areas like blockchain technology and AR. Most importantly, they are passionate about their mission to give consumers control of their data. 


Laying a Foundation for the Metaverse

The metaverse is coming. Bloomberg estimates this next evolution within the internet will represent an $800 million opportunity in the near future, while others have projected the metaverse has the potential to match the entire global economy’s value.

Social, persistent, shared, virtual 3D worlds, the metaverse is the convergence of the physical and digital realms in the next evolution of the internet and social networks using real-time 3D software,” Bloomberg writes. “It presents an opportunity for leading online entertainment and social media companies to capitalize on new revenue streams.”

So, where and how does Tautachrome fit into this? Well, rather than fitting in, the company has designs on building much of its infrastructure — the apps and platforms that connect people and businesses, as well as providing the digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFT that are bringing value to this digital economy already.

With the company’s new PORTAL AR, Tautachrome has developed a literal door into the metaverse. The platform feature allows users to enter virtual spaces through a portal created by another user. This opens up a world of possibilities in the metaverse, where users can observe, or even virtually attend events held inside the metaverse.


Anything Can Be an ARk

Tautachrome (OTC: TTCM) is forging what can only be described as a radically new online marketplace. Their incredible technology enables users to create their own NFTs that can: generate revenue, make secure transactions at the blink of an eye, and give the consumer full control of their data. All on their smartphone. 

We’re going to talk all about their apps, the platform functionality, and how we think Tautachrome could potentially change everything for ecommerce…but first we have to talk about Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go was launched in 2016, and it took the world by storm. The AR video game utilized GPS and other technologies to turn the user’s smartphone into a Pokemon finding device. People were wandering the streets of all the major cities searching for rare monsters and trying to “catch them all.” 

The popularity was incredible. The game grossed over $200 million in its first month, and at its peak it boasted 250 million users. While there was a dip after the initial surge, user numbers stabilized around 150 million, and in 2020 the game posted $1.23 billion in revenue. 

This was the first time that AR had been utilized in such a way that it drew (and kept) millions of daily users. The stickiness of being able to interact with digital creatures in the “real world” via your smartphone is phenomenal. And while Tautachrome is not focused on gaming,  it’s that kind of stickiness that they are attempting to replicate.

Tautachrome is harnessing those same concepts but doing it all 10x bigger. An ARk is an interactive digital object placed into the world we see, and can be anything; interactive life experienced through augmented reality. Or as Tautachrome calls it, “Earth’s Digital Layer.” And whether it’s viewed on the screen of your smartphone or even through the lens of AR glasses — a “Human Quantum Leap in Web 3 — there are infinite possibilities of how an ARK can be utilized, from selling real or digital assets to creating digital landmarks, observing real-time game stats, creating digital advertisements that exist in AR, and even our future navigation tools can all be transitioned to and accessed in this next evolution of the web.

With Tautachrom’s innovation and vision, augmented reality will be the tool that connects us to it all.  

Tautachrome’s ARknet app with built-in KlickZie technology is currently available to download for Android and iOS smartphones. 



From their website, the Company states: “The KlickZie application will allow the user to capture images with their smartphone that are invisibly marked and verified as original. The owner of the image or video will have the ability to use, sell and monetize their images. Our KlickZie platform will serve as the world’s first imagery-based social portal network. The KlickZie application will create images and videos that are engageable; by clicking or tapping on a KlickZie’d image users will be able to communicate with the image’s author or others currently viewing the image. Fake news photos and videos will become a thing of the past.”

The invisible marking creates what Tautachrome calls “Activated” images. Beyond the ability to simply identify the originality of an image, like with an NFT, Activation creates an image that is interactive; it can be clicked for more information, direct communication with the owner, and more.

Utilizing their own cryptocurrency, the XAR token, Tautachrome’s ARknet platform  is attempting to completely disrupt the social media status quo. Instead of being force-fed advertising so that the platform can make money, ARknet platform users will only be exposed to ads they are interested in and will be paid in XAR for their indulgence. And anytime their images are shared or reposted, they will receive what is effectively a royalty fee (again, in XAR) for their content. 

The technology team has truly had their work cut out for them. The ability to maintain a platform that basically turns every image into an NFT is no small feat. The patents that Tautachrome has established to enable these blockchain functions will be key to the company’s longevity, and could even become a huge source of licensing revenue. 

The ARknet Economy

Utilizing their own cryptocurrency, the XAR token, Tautachrome’s ARknet platform  is attempting to completely disrupt the social media status quo. Instead of being force-fed advertising so that the platform can make money, ARknet platform users will only be exposed to ads they are interested in and will be paid in XAR for their indulgence. And anytime their images are shared or reposted, they will receive what is effectively a royalty fee (again, in XAR) for their content. 

The technology team has truly had their work cut out for them. The ability to maintain a platform that basically turns every image into an NFT is no small feat. The patents that Tautachrome has established to enable these blockchain functions will be key to the company’s longevity, and could even become a huge source of licensing revenue. 

An ark, by definition, is a container of valuable things, as Noah’s Ark was reputedly the container of the earth’s living things. But the Company’s digital arks are what makes Tautachrome so exciting. They are taking the stickiness of Pokemon Go, and combining it with the rising popularity of AR and online shopping, to create something entirely unique. It’s almost as if someone took a page out of a sci-fi novel and made it reality. 

As shown in the video, the ARknet enabled world is one where information is literally just a click away. Instead of google searching, sifting through the irrelevant sites, finally finding the reviews you want, and wasting tons of time, you could just hold up your phone, click an icon, and WHOOSH – everything you need in seconds. 

That’s the power of these arks. Stores that are closed could still be shopped, via their AR storefront. People can create their own personal arks that are geotagged to their phone for easy locating at airports, ball games, and more. This is one of those technologies that honestly is only limited by a user’s ability to get creative. 

The arks are backed by a powerful blockchain technology that allows for safe, transparent, and immediate transactions via crypto and fiat currency. To ensure safety, Tautachrome has labored long and hard, filing multiple patents, to ensure that the process is bulletproof. 

Although the apps are still in early days, and there remain issues to be worked through (like with all new tech), Tautachrome has created something truly special. The applications are almost infinite, and we can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.


The XAR Token

After years of developing the XAR token, Tautachrome built on its capabilities with ARknet by introducing a design for the XAR token (pronounced: ZAR), taking advantage of both Etheriumblockchain and Factom Protocol by connecting the two networks.

“Our aim from the outset with the ARknet platform has been to produce an ecosystem in which people can interact without losing the economic value of their interactions to some platform, which turns around and sells the value of these interactions to the highest bidder,” said Tautachrome CEO Dr. Jon N. Leonard. “The XAR token is the internal currency of the ARknet platform that enables the ecosystem that achieves value for user content that can be captured and preserved. The XAR token is also the key to enabling frictionless, instant purchasing transactions between platform consumers and platform providers of goods and services, transactions that work worldwide for any size purchase, even a cup of coffee. Users will drive the creation of the XAR ecosystem through their ARknet platform activity in a deliberate and dynamic built-in token reward system, a system designed to incentivize activities that deliver the most value to the ecosystem.”


Download ARknet for Android

Download ARknet for iOS


The Road Ahead

CEO/Founder of Tautachrome, John Leonard, PhD, likes to say of futuristic technology that, “Anything is possible with the proper funding, and that is what we are aiming to put in place right now!” He says this with a wink and a chuckle, but he isn’t wrong. At the moment, Tautachrome is still relatively new. They are pioneering multiple areas of technology that are essential to building our future, and we think that (given the right funding and enough time to market and grow) Tautachrome will become a must-have piece of your tech portfolio.

With that in mind, the company has publicly noted its dual listing intentions, aiming to maintain its OTC listing as well as obtaining a listing on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). 





Dr. Jon N. Leonard

Founder & Chief Executive Officer 

Dr. Leonard has spent his career at the forefront of new technologies. From September 2002 to May 2012 Dr. Leonard was employed by Raytheon Missile Systems Company as Senior Manager of Programs for the Advance Programs Division, responsible for counter terrorism technology development. He is the former CEO of BPM Technology Inc. the first 3D printing company, and former CEO of California Molecular Electronics Corporation, developer of the first practical molecular switch. In addition to the patents assigned to the Company, Dr. Leonard holds numerous other patents in advanced technology areas including 3-D printing, disappearing email, virus detection, imager look-angle determination and idle-cellphone detection (for counterterrorism). Dr. Leonard has a PhD in Mathematics and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Arizona and an M.S. in Engineering from UCLA. 


David LaMountain

Chief Operating Officer

David leads the operations of the Company, responsible for implementing the rollout of the Arknet app, the Company’s websites such as the explainer site, and the Company’s front facing business sites such as the site for small businesses deploying business Arks. He is also responsible for architecting the social networking structure of the Arknet app enabling consumers to maximize their utilization of the Arknet app with such functionalities as instant virtual meetups via the app and teleportation via the app to global places of interest to the user. He also runs strategic Investor Relations, marketing and securities compliance. David is a business owner and investor/trader in public and private entities since 1999. David is also an inventor on KlickZie’s pending ARk patents.


Dr. Joel C Sercel


Joel has decades of practical systems engineering leadership, has led and worked on dozens of products and innovations, in use in space and around the world, and is an inventor on KlickZie patents. He is an engineer of several disciplines and a pioneer with a proven track record in innovation, team leadership, technical architectural design, software design, systems engineering,  space mission design, space propulsion technology, satellite design, enterprise process engineering, training, teaching, and public speaking. Certified KAI Practitioner (the psychology of creativity) and expert in practical methods of innovation. Joel has a PhD in space propulsion and plasma physics from Caltech, has had successful teams ranging in size from two or three people to over 100, and can manage, systems engineer, or lead anything.


Sergey Bushnyak

CTO of Tautachrome Blockchain Provider, Kelecorix, inc. 

 Mr. Bushnyak has 10 years experience developing and utilizing advanced technology to increase cost effectiveness of technical enterprises. He has been a technological innovator, software developer, systems engineer and successful entrepreneur. In addition to his active management and technical consulting practice, Sergey is currently the Chief Technical Officer of Kelecorix Inc. providing consulting in high-assurance software development within the Haskell programming language ecosystem. He is a proponent of functional programming and type-theory which allows modern software to be built effectively. 


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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Tautachrome (TTCM)
  • Amount & Form of Compensation - $1,980,000 in Common Stock
  • Who Paid for the Campaign & Position with Company if any - Tautachrome (TTCM)
  • Period of Campaign - 5/3/2021 - 5/3/2023
What securities of the Profiled Issuers do we hold? The positions we hold of the Profiled Issuer are set forth below. We plan to sell these securities during the Campaign.
  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Tautachrome (TTCM)
  • Number of Shares We or our Affiliates Hold - 188,571,429.00
  • Price We Paid Per Share - $0
  • Date Issued - 4/15/2021

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