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Breaking Down Barriers to Entry to the Decentralized Economy

Secure, decentralized applications, more available than ever

Handling the hard problems with decentralized application building

If you’ve been paying attention in recent years, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of excited talk about decentralized application technology for the emerging new internet – Web 3.0. Early applications are already changing the way we think about business, money, data, and more, and this is only the beginning.

Web 3.0 will make the internet more intelligent, processing information with nearly human intelligence: it’s where humans and machines will converge. This new internet is trustless, permissionless, and each user controls their own data and can decide how it will be used. It’s inherently secure, as data is decentralized, creating a transparent and secure environment.

But up until very recently, decentralizing your product or service was no easy task. Even seasoned developers often lack the knowledge and experience to create the decentralized applications of the future, and the learning curve has been steep.

With its game changing Northern Shield platform, TrueNorth Quantum (OTC:URYL) is out to change all that, and to make taking advantage of the decentralized economy easier than ever before for businesses from startups to large enterprises, and everything in between.



Breaking down barriers to entry

Things move fast on the cutting edge, leaving conventional businesses struggling to keep up. With Northern Shield, TrueNorth Quantum is breaking down old barriers and making decentralized applications available to more businesses than ever before.

Hard problems handled

Based on a flexible microsystems architecture, Northern Shield helps companies launch decentralized applications faster and more smoothly than anyone else in the industry. No more disposable MVP development. Can now build, launch, and continually add functionality while the application stays running.

Insured and secured

Information security is essential in business. With Northern Shield, companies get access to the advanced Quantum Proof security technologies which are automatically included in their decentralized applications. Securing and insuring against potential cyber threats will accelerate adoption of the new internet.

Done fast, done right

Until now, companies that wanted to leap into the world of decentralization had a choice to make; do it right or do it fast. Northern Shield gives them the best of both worlds.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

TrueNorth Quantum operates Northern Shield as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), giving clients the support they need to launch their decentralized application at global scale. The PaaS transaction fees are based on client transaction revenue, so everyone wins.

Partner Acceleration Model

The future of the internet is Web 3.0, and experts believe the ‘next big thing’ in tech will originate from this space. TrueNorth Quantum’s Partner Acceleration Model provides capital to the startup to build their decentralized application using Northern Shield. This helps innovative companies get their new idea to market fast and enable TrueNorth Quantum’s clients to pull ahead as market leaders in their fields.


Why decentralized apps matter – fixing the biggest problems on the internet

These days, investors can’t go long without hearing about another company taking advantage of decentralized applications. There’s a lot of hype and money spent in this space associated with the first decentralized application – Digital Currencies. What makes it so unique?

The key word here is decentralized. Depending on the goals of the developers, decentralized apps can safeguard user privacy, avoid interference and control from a central authority, and maybe most critically for enterprise, allow for flexibility of development.

As exciting and promising as these benefits sound, they don’t come without drawbacks. Some limitations include the potential inability to scale, development challenges, and difficulty of modifications.

The technology is new and complex, and many investors have yet to fully grasp the significance of what’s happening here and the potential for entirely new industries to emerge. By solving the problems of security, privacy, and centralization, Northern Shield puts companies competitively at the cutting edge of internet technology.


Booming market, significant opportunity

The decentralized applications market was valued at $10.52 Billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach $368.25 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 56.1%.1

This is one reason that more companies than ever are scrambling to get into the space before their competitors, even if they don’t yet entirely comprehend the benefits of going decentralized. Applications such as digital assets, NFTs, DeFi, DAO’s are all early applications that are approaching $3.1 Trillion USD in asset value.

Decentralized applications represent a big opportunity for businesses and investors, and just like the sellers of picks and shovels in the California gold rush, there are significant profits to be made by the companies who supply and facilitate this booming market.


Breaking down barriers

For the reasons we’ve outlined above and more, taking advantage of the power of decentralization is currently no easy feat. It requires significant technical expertise, speed of development and deployment, and a solid understanding of the security factors and risks inherent to the space. One mistake in a decentralized implementation and your assets disappear, or your data is hacked. Millions of dollars a day are being stolen, and the anonymity that makes the system so powerful makes finding the culprits nearly impossible.

Going from zero to decentralized is difficult, even for otherwise very competent development teams. Companies often face the decision between doing it right and doing it fast, and the results of rushing the process are often underwhelming. 

What businesses really need is a trusted development partner. Someone with the expertise and experience to handle the hard problems, increase speed of development, and help them launch their decentralized application faster and with quality, security and insurance against cyber theft.

That is exactly what TrueNorth Quantum has built with its Northern Shield platform.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

As TrueNorth Quantum’s business model for Northern Shield, it has significant potential to revolutionize the way companies from startup to enterprise think about decentralized application development. 

Northern Shield includes institutional grade features including advanced data management, secure distributed transactions, workflow management, and most importantly, a flexible microservices ecosystem, allowing for streamlined development and reduced time to market.


Partner Acceleration Model

Rather than simply charging client companies a licensing fee, TrueNorth Quantum has decided to go with an innovative partner acceleration model. By partnering with its clients instead of just selling them a service, TrueNorth Quantum looks to accelerate innovation and application development.

By giving clients access to TrueNorth Quantum’s application development and rapid prototyping expertise, companies can launch their decentralized application sooner and more easily than any other option on the market. 

And under an innovative transactional revenue pricing structure, TrueNorth Quantum’s revenue is directly tied to the success of the customer, aligning incentives and ensuring a quality product faster. 

TrueNorth Quantum truly views these arrangements as a partnership, and is prepared to provide capital injections to partners when it can accelerate innovation, especially in disruptive technologies with the potential to change the world. 


Secured and Insured

When faced with the uncomfortable decision between doing it right and doing it fast, one major deciding factor for companies looking to take advantage of decentralized technology has always been security. 

As we’ve already covered, Northern Shield solves this dilemma, giving companies access to the best of both worlds, and that absolutely includes security.

Especially in large enterprises and regulated industries, security is a key consideration. An application that isn’t secure is a risk few businesses can afford to take, even if it means missing out on everything decentralization has to offer. 

With Northern Shield, TrueNorth Quantum delivers institutional grade security and technology, future proof and unified, with protection that travels with the data. 

This is partially due to TrueNorth Quantum’s distributed and flexible microservices architecture, which has the added benefit of reducing the risk and complexity of building a decentralized application.

Quantum security

Quantum computers are coming, and with them will come the ability to break current internet security protocols within minutes. Much like the Y2K problem, which required developers to update nearly all critical software, the arrival of quantum computing will have a major impact on the way we think about data security. The internet security problem emerging is many times larger than Y2K, and unless quantum proof encryption algorithms are implemented, the digital world will become unsafe very fast.

This is where the Quantum in TrueNorth Quantum comes in. For increased security and asset protection, Northern Shield uses a high speed quantum proof hybrid key generation and storage system. All of their clients’ decentralized applications will be quantum ready, so while competitors are being hacked and attacked, applications built on Northern Shield will remain operational and secure.

Northern Shield uses a hybrid algorithm for securing “keys” using quantum proof and strong authentication, ensuring proper identity verification and authorization for every transaction and for every message between microservices.

Quantum proof keys are generated and used to encrypt the user’s private key. These are securely stored within a trusted environment, and accessible only to authorized users.

All of this happens quickly, safely, and automatically in the background, allowing clients and users to focus on the application itself and leave security up to TrueNorth Quantum.

For additional security for long-term digital assets, Northern Shield also provides a quantum proof – fully digital custody solution, delivering the ultimate in secure digital asset storage based on the value of the assets being protected. Good news for clients, and very promising for investors.


Potential healthcare applications

The future of the new internet, Web 3.0, and the decentralization of patient data will put ownership and control of medical records into the hands of every patient.

Why is this important? 

Big Pharma and Healthcare generates billions of dollars annually off patient data alone, while continuing to increase the cost of healthcare and essential medications for the patient. They benefit while the patient pays more.

But what if decentralization creates a secure marketplace for that data, and the patient is the beneficiary? Their valuable data will be able to be used in leading edge studies, research, and healthcare management, while generating cash flow directly to the patient in return.

We’re talking about the disintermediation of big pharma and healthcare, putting the patient back in control, and generating financial returns at the same time. The power shifts back to the patient and they decide how their data will be used, by whom, and for what price.

This is just one example of complete disruption of the healthcare industry facilitated by decentralization and Northern Shield. The convergence of technology to secure and protect the data, AI and big data to help the patient maximize the value of their data, and digital currencies for secure payments has huge implications for the future of the industry.

All of this depends on the insured and secured Northern Shield Platform, the tip of the spear into the new internet of decentralized, permissionless, trustless, highly efficient transactions with no intermediaries.

Healthcare, Financial, and many other markets are intermediaries claiming to provide trust and security. We have seen this regime come to a grinding halt, exposed by the pandemic and other disruptions that continue to reveal their so-called security as only an illusion. With Northern Shield, TrueNorth Quantum is going to change everything.


Summary For Investors

The new Internet is all about fixing the problems with old internet, and decentralization is a huge part of that. Barriers to entry have been high. From technical issues to security concerns, the factors keeping businesses from startup to large enterprise out of the decentralized application economy are very real.

With its Northern Shield Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, TrueNorth Quantum is breaking down these barriers and putting the decentralized economy, expected to be valued at $368.25 billion by 2027, well within the reach of more companies than ever before.

A “secured and insured” quantum proof security platform keeps data and digital assets safe, and with its innovative Partner Acceleration Model featuring transactional revenue pricing and equity funding for the next big idea, TrueNorth Quantum is taking an active interest in the success of its client companies.

This space is growing incredibly fast, and smart investors worldwide are looking not only for exposure to the world of Web 3.0 and, decentralized applications itself, but exposure to a company with everything it needs to become a world leader in this exciting new economy.

TrueNorth Quantum delivers on all of this, providing a balance between speed, security, and an innovative revenue model with the potential to deliver game changing results in the years to come.

TrueNorth Quantum trades under OTC:URYL.


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  1. DApps Market By Blockchain (EOS, TRON, Ethereum, IOST, Steem, Neo, Others), By Category (Gambling, Exchange, High-Risk, Game, Others), By End-Use Industry (E-Commerce, Healthcare, Transportation, Others), By Region Forecasts to 2027





Gary Bartholomew

Chairman and CEO

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, having built twelve tech start-ups, created $1.5B in market capitalization, and managed both public and private company exits. He is a University of Waterloo founding advisor MBET and GBDA and graduate BSc. 1983.


Brad Herr


Brad has served as the Managing Member of Nexit Opportunities LLC since April 2014, CFO of MJ Harvest (OTCQB: MJHI) since March 2018, and CFO and director of Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (OTCQB: CBDS) since January 2020. Mr. Herr also served as CFO of SponsorsOne, Inc. (OTC: SPONF) from April 2018 to May 2019. MJ Harvest, Inc. acquires and markets products and technologies that are designed to benefit growers and processors in the horticultural and agricultural industries. Cannabis Sativa, Inc.’s primary operations include providing telemedicine online referral services for customers desiring medical marijuana cards in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. SponsorsOne, Inc. is a company that provides digital marketing solutions that connect brands and customers.


Bryce Bonneville

Corporate Governance, Compliance and Legal

Specializing in Canadian securities law, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, Bryce has over 20 years of focused experience assisting early stage and development stage companies both private, going public and publicly listed.



Board of Directors


Gary Bartholomew

Chairman and CEO

Gary is a serial entrepreneur, having built twelve tech start-ups, created $1.5B in market capitalization, and managed both public and private company exits. He is a University of Waterloo founding advisor MBET and GBDA and graduate BSc. 1983.


Doug Beynon

Independent Director and Audit Committee Chair

Dr. Benyon is a seasoned entrepreneur, executive, advisor, mentor and investor with over 35 years of senior management experience.  He has been directly and indirectly involved in commercializing multiple technologies and has restructured organizations, managed small to medium enterprises, started private and public companies, advised and mentored corporations, and secured investment funding.


David Mironov

Independent Director and Compensation Committee Chair

David carries 35 years of experience crafting finance capital solutions for corporate and individual clients. His finance expertise spans wealth management and private banking, digital currencies, green power, oil and gas production, gaming, healthcare technology, and commercial real estate.

Wit Ostrenko


President and Founder of Celerity Investments, Inc., Wit consults on financial, planning, fundraising, and investments of most notably, not-for-profit large institutions, and works with Boards of Directors and senior management in visioning for the future and practical ways to raise operating standards for future growth as well as raising resources for Endowments, Capital Improvements, and Operations.



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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - TrueNorth Quantum, Inc. (URYL)
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