Genprex: Revolutionizing Cancer and Diabetes Treatment with Advanced Gene Therapies

May 20, 2020

About Us

Why Genprex?

At Genprex, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of patients battling cancer and diabetes through pioneering gene therapies. Utilizing our proprietary non-viral gene therapy platform, we deliver novel treatments aimed at addressing unmet medical needs. Our innovative approach focuses on reintroducing tumor suppressor genes to combat cancer and using gene therapy to stabilize glucose levels in diabetes. With multiple FDA Fast Track Designations and promising clinical trial results, Genprex is at the forefront of medical advancements, striving to bring hope and improved outcomes to patients worldwide.

Reasons to Invest:

  • Innovative Gene Therapy Platform: Genprex’s proprietary non-viral delivery system offers a unique approach to treating cancer and diabetes, setting us apart in the biotechnology landscape.
  • Clinical Success and FDA Designations: With three FDA Fast Track Designations and one Orphan Drug Designation, our therapies have shown promise in clinical trials, enhancing our potential for regulatory approval and market success.
  • Expansive Market Potential: Addressing major health challenges such as lung cancer and diabetes, our therapies have the potential to tap into multi-billion dollar global markets.

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