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GPO Plus Inc.

Sustainable Growth QoQ“We are excited to report quarter over quarter continued growth since we became publicly traded. We now have our team in place, products that are in demand, revenue growth, new products in development; that is a great foundation upon which to build our future.” ~ Brett H. Pojunis, CEO.


Growth by Acquisition

Seeking superior shareholder returns, GPOX has implemented acquisitions as an integral part of its growth strategy. A great example of how the company will be moving forward is the acquisition of Nutriumph: Brett H. Pojunis, CEO of GPOX stated in a recent Press Release, “The Nutriumph® acquisition is the first direct-to-consumer (DTC) product line GPOX has offered… we feel confident GPOX will expand Nutriumph® sales into retailers and are excited about the future! 

GPOX is aggressively seeking other acquisitions in this space as well as looking for targets for all of our divisions, we feel Nutriumph® gets our company off to a great start!”

A New Kind of GPO – CEO Brett H. Pojunis and GPOPlus+ at large have a timely vision for the future of the company: helping out the consumer by making an impact for small, local businesses. Though still in its early stages of implementation, it’s clear that GPOPlus+ can leverage its experience to make a direct impact on small, local businesses. We’re moving to the manifestation stage.

Leadership w/ Vision and Ability – After it became publicly traded, GPOX continued to grow cbdGPO and then started HealthGPO. Its success attracted an amazing senior management team and provide experience across multiple areas and markets. Leadership has taken GPOX from a limited PINK sheet company to a fully reporting company listed on a national exchange, the OTCQB.


Aggregate, Negotiate + Share!

  • Aggregate   aggregate the purchasing power of our members
  • Negotiate –  leverage buying power to negotiate discounts
  • Share –  share the discounts with our Members and save them money

GPOPlus+ (OTCQB: GPOX)  develops industry-specific Group Purchasing Organizations, and its effective, acquisition-based business model has led to nearly $2M in revenue in just two years of operation

GPOs in the United States represent a $5.1B industry in 2022 with a modest 2.6% growth projected for the year, while GPOX is enjoying 12% growth

So let’s talk about what makes GPOPlus+ unique, and how it maintains a growth rate 4x higher than the industry at large. 

Key Investment Considerations 

Targeting Ripe Markets – GPOPlus+ targets underserved industries with the GPOs it forms or companies and products it acquires, such as covid tests for elderly care and other markets with little competition. Acquiring companies in these spaces has allowed GPOX to increase its revenues significantly in a short time, with its sights set on continuing growth. 

Revenue Is Growing – The company saw 160% growth in revenue for Q3 ending January 31, ‘22 compared to ‘21 and topped $1M in revenue for the first time, a major milestone for a young company with massive potential. In fact, it has seen QoQ growth every quarter since becoming publicly traded. For being just two years old, GPOX has come out of the box swinging. 

Equity Crowdfunding With Major Upside Potential – GPOX launched a $5M crowdfunding offering last year. The terms are: $1.5K purchase price/unit, each Unit consisting of 1,000 shares of common stock at $1.50/share and 1K bonus Warrants to buy an additional share of common stock at $2/share. The math isn’t difficult. There is a great deal of profit potential for early investors.

GPOX Quarterly Growth (historical numbers in thousands):

  • $0 10-K for the fiscal year ended: April 30, 2020 (pre-revenue)
  • $6,338 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended July 31, 2020 (Q1 2020)
  • $24,289 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended October 31, 2020 (Q2 2020)
  • $591,757 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended January 31, 2021 (Q3 2021)
  • $204,347 10-K for the fiscal year ended: April 30, 2021
  • $369,558 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended July 31, 2021 (Q1 2021)
  • $229,161 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended October 31, 2021 (Q2 2020)
  • $397,094 10-Q for the fiscal quarterly period ended January 31, 2021 (Q3 2021)


“We are excited to report quarter over quarter continued growth since we became publicly traded. We now have our team in place, products that are in demand, revenue growth, new products in development; that is a great foundation upon which to build our future.” ~ Brett H. Pojunis, CEO 


Costco Model for Businesses 

A GPO is an entity created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO. GPOs negotiate discounted rates from vendors and service providers, which are then passed on to their members. What Costco does for consumers, GPOPlus+ is now doing for businesses.

In short, the more members save, the more revenue GPOPlus+ creates for themselves and their shareholders. The company reported $622k in YTD revenue Q3 of 2020 and recently saw that number increase to $995k by Q3 2021. What’s most promising is the results are proving its business model with consistent growth since going public.

Show me the money! 

GPOX generates revenues from three main areas; agency agreements with manufacturers and service providers, membership fees, and GPO PRO Services.

  1. Agency Agreements – GPOX negotiates contracts directly with manufacturers, producers, distributors, and wholesalers. Revenues are generated from a percentage of the total sales produced.
  2. Membership Fees – Clients (GPOX calls them members) pay a fee (monthly, quarterly, or annually) to have access to quality products and discounts. 
  3. GPO PRO Services – GPOX generates sales from GPO PRO Services which vary based on the service offered.

We’re Seeing Significant Growth in Just Two Years of Operation 

Organic Growth– GPOX identifies products that have a unique value proposition and then enter into distribution agreements to sell and  distribute products , and in some cases will private label / white label existing products under its other brand(s). 

GPOX’s  growth strategy is to expand the number of business units and increase sales teams nationally. GPOX also intends to develop a membership based eCommerce website which sells products commonly purchased by businesses.

Acquisitive Growth – Seeking superior shareholder returns, GPOX has implemented acquisitions as an integral part of its growth strategy.

GPOX has identified a few areas of focus for acquisitions with a focus on consumer packaged goods, independent and regional distribution companies, wholesalers and specialty retailers.  

GPOX acquisition targets are companies that are generating revenues and likely plateaued but GPOX also appealing to these companies because the GPO structures encourage streamlined operations and provide greater opportunity through existing relationships. They have developed technology to help with better purchasing, marketing and overall management.


History Tends to Repeat – GPOX’s Past Success Points to A Promising Future


HealthGPO offers medical supplies and products for the healthcare industry, which has been tremendously valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic and aligned with another aspect of the GPOPlus mission: maintaining sustainable supply chains. 

In response to the mass shortage of COVID-19 tests in 2021, GPOPlus+ launched The shortage in the supply chain was leading to both a lack of access as well as inconsistent pricing and significant price increases. Through the project, GPOPlus+ members and point-of-care providers were given competitive, fair pricing and reliable access to POC COVID-19 tests. 

“Shareholders who looked closely at our filings could identify that a large portion of our revenue last year (2021) was derived from POC COVID test sales,” said GPOX CEO Brett H. Pojunis. “The importance of this project ( cannot be overstated! This creates an opportunity for us to grow HealthGPO’s Membership because we are in a position to truly help POC healthcare and medical providers who are struggling to get the tests they need.”


The CBD market has a promising future. It represented just $4.9B in 2021 but is estimated to grow at an impressive 21.7% CAGR through 2028. That creates an opportunity for a $47.22B market in the very near future.

 It is also a perfect example of GPOPlus+ effectively targeting industries in need. As the CBD industry grows, GPOPlus+ can be positioned to supply businesses with quality products as they work to keep up with demand. 


GPOX Levels the Playing Field by Helpings the Little Guy

You’ve probably gathered by now, GPOX is really in the business of helping businesses. And small and medium businesses in particular have a lot to gain with GPOX. 

In addition to operating in targeted markets with little to no competition, GPOX provides its members relief from unrealistic MOQ’s (minimum order quantities). As larger GPOs are prone to only do transactions with larger orders — a logical practice that saves overhead but leaves the little guy high and dry — smaller businesses are left in a pinch. They either have to provide a lot of capital upfront to meet high MOQ’s on essential raw materials and finished products, or they’re forced out of the game altogether.

GPOX does this by using the aggregate purchasing power of its members, lowering minimum MOQ’s that are passed on to members. This creates a win-win for everybody — something small and medium businesses don’t come across often. 

This is especially true with its a newer venture, Distro+

Large companies benefit from increased costs as small businesses can’t compete with their buying power – they pay more and are passing those increased costs to their customers.

Once GPOX starts organizing local businesses and creates Group Purchasing programs around commonly purchased items, local businesses will be able to compete, and ultimately they will pass those SAVINGS to their customers. This unique vision is just the type of exciting new business application we look for in an investment opportunity. 


The Bottom Line 

Whenever an industry experiences rapid growth and is highly fragmented there is always a consolidation period, and this is when Billion Dollar brands are created. The industries GPOX currently operates in (CBD and Healthcare) are prime examples of fragmented industries that have had significant growth and are ripe for consolidations. 

The Company intends on taking full advantage of this consolidation opportunity by acquiring companies that fit into its portfolio and/or increases its market share. It’s a strategy that has proven success so far, and we think it will continue to benefit GPOX in the future. 

Due to market forces, we think GPOX is an undervalued opportunity that has remained low-cost despite continuing to add more growth, value, revenue, and divisions. As the market stabilizes, we wouldn’t be surprised if GPOX’s value and market cap increased. Premier, Inc., a healthcare GPO, has (at the time of this writing) a stock price of $37.11 and a market cap of $4.3B. GPOX operates in the same spaces and has continued to show sustained growth through services and acquisitions. It isn’t crazy to think that at some point they could be right up there with Premier.

GPOPlus+ is a young company but they are helmed with experience. They are well-managed and thorough, going into stealth mode in 2020 to devise the model we see them putting into action now.  Reporting nearly $2M in revenue in such a short time is great no matter what, but having something that is scalable makes for something exciting — something that GPOPlus+ plans to repeat and execute across multiple industries as they grow. 


Press Releases: 

GPOPlus+ Launches New GPO DISTRO+

GPOPlus+ Announced It Filed Its Fiscal Q3 Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q

GPOPlus+ Officially Announces Bryan Garabrandt as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Chief Technologist

GPOPlus+ Announces the Engagement of Investor Relations Firm

GPOPlus+ Announcing New Chief Operationg Officer and Board Member Wayne Smeal 

GPOPlus+ Announces the Launch of, a Project of HealthGPO

GPOPlus+ CEO Outlines Growth Plan and Provides Update to Investment Community in MoneyTV Interview

GPOPlus+ Announces New President and Board Member Ron McCormick  

GPOPlus+ Announces Master Distribution and National Sales Agreement with US BioSolutions for Proprietary BioFoam Technology

GPOPlus+ Names Laurence Ruhe as New Chief Financial Officer 

GPOPlus+ Announces the Launch of $5M Reg D 506c Equity Crowdfunding Offering 

GPOPlus+ Announces Filing of 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K

GPOPlus+ Exits Stealth Mode With Proof of Concept for Disruptive New Group Purchasing Business Model 

GPOPlus+ Announces Removal of Shell Risk Designation by OTC Markets 

GPOPlus+ Announces Upgrade to OTCQB Venture Market

GPOPLus+ Signs Definitive Distribution Agreement with Exclusive Territories and Industry with SafeHandles 



BRETT H. POJUNIS – Chairman of the Board of Directors & Chief Executive

+ Key Strengths: Brett has a strong background in capital markets, finance, technology, marketing, and public company matters with expertise in Investor Relations and extensive entrepreneurial experience as well as board and committee level experience. He also served in the US ARMY

+ Industries: Technology, CBD, Cannabis, Non-Profits, Politics, Capital Markets, and Investor Relations.


RONALD McCORMICK – President & Member of the Board of Directors

+ Key Strengths: With 28 years as a Nutritionist focusing on health, wellness, and fitness, Ron developed and pioneered some of the most popular supplements nationwide generating millions of dollars in annual revenue. 7 years ago, he began to apply his experience, network, and expertise to the new CBD industry.

+ Industries: Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Fitness, CBD, Dietary Supplements & Nutritional Science.


LAURENCE RUHE – Chief Financial Officer

+ Key Strengths: Larry Ruhe is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the capital markets driving strong financial and operational results for publicly traded and private companies. Mr. Ruhe has international business experience working with multi-national enterprises operating in multiple countries with multiple currencies.

+ Industries: Finance, Operations, Gaming, Capital Markets, International Currency, Banking, and Investor Relations.


WAYNE SMEAL – Chief Operating Officer & Member of the Board of Directors

+ Key Strengths: Wayne has Strategic Management, Business and Distributor Development, experience building management teams and growing successful companies. He built National and International Franchise Operations in multiple industries within his 30 plus years of experience.

+ Industries: CBD, Franchising, Commercial Development, Indoor Tanning, Cigars, Frozen Foods, Wine & Spirits, Packaged Meats, Healthcare & Medical Products.



+ Key Strengths: Michael has planned, advised, managed, co-managed, underwritten, and/or been a syndicate member or participant in hundreds of offerings, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for hundreds of clients, listing many on senior US and Foreign Stock Exchanges. He helps entrepreneurs build companies and provides out of the box solutions and problem solving.

+ Industries: Capital Markets, Legal, Deal Structure, Technology, and Public Companies.


BRYAN GARABRANDT – Director of Sales + Marketing, Chief Strategist

+ Key Strengths: Bryan’s background is in consumer and b2b direct sales and marketing, and analytics. As a technologist and trained statistician, he puts his trust in the data and believes having quality analytics in order to make calculated decisions is the best approach to great marketing and strong ROI. Bryan has managed and supported sales organizations across multiple industries.

+ Industries: Psychology, Marketing and Branding, Technology, Direct Sales, CBD, and Investor Relations.



+ Key Strengths: For over 34 years, Kevin specialized in market making by providing liquidity and execution services for institutions and broker-dealers. He is widely recognized for building and managing OTC Trading Desks and held senior positions at Frankel Securities, Aegis Capital, and R.F. Lafferty. He also participated in or led M&A activities. Kevin held FINRA Series 7, 24, 63 & 55 licensed.

+ Industries: Capital Markets, Market Making, Technology, and Finance.





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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - GPO Plus, Inc. (GPOX)
  • Amount & Form of Compensation - $400,000 in Restricted Common Stock
  • Who Paid for the Campaign & Position with Company if any - GPO Plus, Inc. (GPOX)
  • Period of Campaign - 05/04/2022 - 05/04/2023
What securities of the Profiled Issuers do we hold? The positions we hold of the Profiled Issuer are set forth below. We plan to sell these securities during the Campaign.
  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - GPO Plus, Inc. (GPOX)
  • Number of Shares We or our Affiliates Hold - 1,002,506
  • Price We Paid Per Share - $0
  • Date Issued - 05/05/2022

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