MetAlert Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement with Personal Care Products by “ME” for Distribution, Fulfillment and Subscription Management

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: MLRT) (“the Company”), renowned for its pioneering efforts in GPS wearable technology and its leadership in human and asset tracking and recovery systems, announced today its strategic partnership with Personal Care Products by “ME” (“PCPbyMe”). With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, […]

October 19, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “MetAlert, Inc. (OTC: MLRT) (“the Company”), renowned for its pioneering efforts in GPS wearable technology and its leadership in human and asset tracking and recovery systems, announced today its strategic partnership with Personal Care Products by “ME” (“PCPbyMe”). With the signing of this memorandum of understanding, MetAlert will acquire the distribution and subscription management rights for the “ME” product line. Based in Orlando, Florida, “PCPbyMe” represents the forefront of innovation in personal grooming solutions tailored for men.”

“Partnering with MetAlert was a strategic decision driven in our commitment to ensuring a smooth launch and providing continuous, efficient product distribution and subscription management for our valued customers. As a brand that thrives on innovation and top-tier customer satisfaction, we found commonality in MetAlert’s custom tailored distribution approach. Where other potential partners saw our multifaceted business model as a challenge, MetAlert viewed it as a core competency, presenting a comprehensive, turn-key solution that fits our unique needs. This collaboration marks the first step in what we hope will be an even more expansive and fruitful relationship going forward. We’re confident that with MetAlert’s expertise, we’ll be well positioned to offer an unmatched customer experience,” Stated Mr. Perle CEO of “PCPbyMe”.

“We look forward to developing this partnership with “PCPbyMe” and see it as another strategic move to bolster our core operations and expand our visibility into new markets. It aligns with our established proficiency in managing customer subscriptions and product fulfillment, which we regularly do for our own products and have for other companies in the past,” expressed MetAlert CEO Patrick Bertagna.

As per the MOU, both companies committed to signing a definitive agreement within 90 days, whereby MetAlert will assume responsibility for the “ME” inventory logistics, shipping operations, and processing of the monthly subscription billing and credit card processing. This coincides with MetAlert’s recent acquisition of Level 2 Security, and the buildout of its infrastructure to support the expected increase in product distribution and subscription onboarding.

Patrick Bertagna, concluded with, “MetAlert’s commitment to improving lives and enhancing safety through technological innovation remains unwavering. To that end we are also pleased to announce this new partnership with PCP by ‘ME’ which allows us to not only maximize our existing infrastructure but also achieve economies of scale, leading to more efficient operations and better margins. By integrating our expertise in distribution and customer subscription management, we’re setting ‘ME’ on a path to success in a burgeoning market and MetAlert on a path to broader horizons and future opportunities that extend beyond our current offerings.”

About “PCPbyMe”

Orlando, Florida, Personal Care Products by “ME” (“PCPbyMe”) is not just another name in the grooming industry; we’re a technology powerhouse reshaping the landscape of men’s personal care. Merging innovative proprietary solutions with AI-driven techniques, we stand at the forefront of a transformation in the personal grooming sector for men—a market poised to reach a staggering $76 billion by 2026. Beyond offering premium products, PCPbyMe is also a pioneer in discreet subscription services, ensuring our discerning clientele receive unparalleled hair care and coloring solutions right at their doorstep. Dive deeper into our world of precision and innovation at

About MetAlert, Inc.

MetAlert (OTC: MLRT) and its subsidiaries occupy a commanding position in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and licensing of GPS wearable technology, asset recovery services, wandering assistive technology, and health data collection and monitoring. With over two decades of industry expertise and a robust portfolio of patents, MetAlert is the go-to solution provider for consumers and patients grappling with mobility, cognitive, and spatial awareness challenges. This demographic represents approximately 2.9% of the global population. The Company delivers comprehensive global solutions encompassing logistics, hardware, software, and connectivity.

Notable achievements include the groundbreaking GPS SmartSole®, a fusion of Dr. Scholl’s comfort with LoJack’s tracking prowess. It stands as the world’s inaugural invisible wearable tracking device, designed for individuals susceptible to wandering due to Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, and traumatic brain injury. MetAlert’s subscription-based model thrives on technology innovation fortified by intellectual property safeguards. The company boasts international distribution channels serving customers across 40 countries, alongside its role as a U.S. Military Government contractor. In addition to public health entities, MetAlert caters to municipalities, emergency and law enforcement agencies, private educational institutions, assisted living facilities, NGOs, senior care residences, consumers, and small enterprises. Recognizing its excess capacity within its distribution center and backend processes also presents an opportunity to expand revenue streams and diversify its operations.

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