— New offering uses NetraMark’s NetraAI to analyze customer’s clinical data and identify key variables that drive efficacy, toxicity and placebo responses in only four weeks — — Recommendations based on NetraAI generated insights can enhance drug effect size and statistical significance, providing a validated approach to overcoming the industry’s 88% clinical trial failure rate […]

February 12, 2024

— New offering uses NetraMark’s NetraAI to analyze customer’s clinical data and identify key variables that drive efficacy, toxicity and placebo responses in only four weeks —

— Recommendations based on NetraAI generated insights can enhance drug effect size and statistical significance, providing a validated approach to overcoming the industry’s 88% clinical trial failure rate —

TORONTOFeb. 12, 2024 /CNW/ – NetraMark Holdings Inc. (the “Company” or “NetraMark”) (CSE: AIAI) (OTCQB: AINMF) (Frankfurt: 8TV) a generative AI software leader in clinical trial solutions, announces the launch of its NetraAI Lab offering, which is designed to make it easier and more affordable than ever for biopharmaceutical companies to experience the benefits of how its NetraAI solution can improve clinical trial success rates. Through this offering, NetraMark will apply NetraAI to customers’ clinical trial data and seek to identify key variables that drive specific trial outcomes, provide testable hypotheses about the role that these variables play in patient responses and recommend inclusion and exclusion criteria based on these insights that can potentially be used to improve the success of future clinical trials. Customers participating in the offering will receive these valuable deliverables in only four weeks.

“Our mission at NetraMark is to have a meaningful impact on the clinical trial process.  Our singular focus has been on building advanced AI solutions that leverage clinical study data and affect the quality, accuracy, speed and safety of late stage trials.  Our proven NetraAI has been leveraged to “see insights” that de-risk clinical trials by providing advanced personas that are important for various stages of clinical trial planning and execution with the goal to accelerate drug development, and bring safer and more effective treatments to market” said NetraMark CEO, George Achilleos.

“We are pleased to unveil our NetraAI Lab – an AI experience for clients to learn how Generative AI can be used for tangible and achievable outcomes. Our sponsors/partners are invited into a virtual experience to accelerate insights paired with expert guidance to prioritize their use cases, gain education on using advanced AI / ML capabilities that includes a blueprint for scientific and business success with key recommendations that seek to improve their trial execution strategy,” said Dr. MaryAnne Rizk, NetraMark Advisory Board Member.

Key features and benefits of the NetraAI Lab include:

  • NetraAl analysis for a single clinical stage asset
  • Defined categories of inquiry (e.g. response, placebo, toxicity)
  • Dataset/data sources discovery (auditing /inventory)
  • Next phase study simulation with regards to effect size and p-values
  • Four-week turnaround
  • Integrated project team
    • NetraAl project lead, senior data scientist, bioinformatician, clinical scientist
    • Sponsor development team
  • High-value deliverables/recommendations
    • Mid-stage meeting with initial findings and hypotheses testing
    • Final recommendations meeting
    • Presentation with detailed variables and simulation impact on effect size/p-values
    • Enrichment strategies and protocol design considerations

In contrast with other AI-based clinical trial solutions, NetraAI is uniquely engineered to include focus mechanisms that separate small datasets into explainable and unexplainable subsets. Unexplainable subsets are collections of patients that can lead to suboptimal overfit models and inaccurate insights due to poor correlations with the variables involved. The NetraAI uses the explainable subsets to derive insights and hypotheses (including factors that influence treatment and placebo responses, as well as adverse events) that can increase the chances of a clinical trial success. Typical AI methods lack these focus mechanisms and assign every patient to a class, even when this leads to “overfitting” which drowns out critical information that could be used to improve a trial’s chance of success.

Additionally, the “black box” approach of other AI solutions makes it difficult to understand the recommendations provided. In contrast, NetraAI is a “glass house” in which every variable identified is associated with a biologic rationale and testable hypothesis that customers’ subject matter experts can evaluate and assess.

The power of NetraAI has been validated in a recent publication in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, which described its use in discovering novel amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) drug targets and unique ALS patient subpopulations that may substantially improve clinical trial success rates.

“There is a growing understanding about the benefits of personalized therapies tailored to each patient’s specific biology and health factors. Other AI-based clinical trial solutions provide homogenized recommendations based on hundreds of thousands of patients,” said Dr. Joseph Geraci, PhD, CTO, CSO, Director and Co-Founder, NetraMark. “These recommendations will be less relevant to the specific patients in a clinical trial that can actually drive success or failure. NetraAI can identify the most relevant variables in small data sets, such as those from a single Phase 2 trial, and this in turn empowers clinical trial teams to make more informed decisions.”

By launching the NetraAI Lab offering, NetraMark is of the view that participants will quickly see the value that NetraAI provides and ultimately adopt the NetraMark technology as a normal part of their clinical trial process.

For additional information about the NetraAI Lab, please contact: President – Josh

About NetraMark

NetraMark is a company focused on being a leader in the development of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI)/Machine Learning (ML) solutions targeted at the Pharmaceutical industry. Its product offering uses a novel topology-based algorithm that has the ability to parse patient data sets into subsets of people that are strongly related according to several variables simultaneously. This allows NetraMark to use a variety of ML methods, depending on the character and size of the data, to transform the data into powerfully intelligent data that activates traditional AI/ML methods. The result is that NetraMark can work with much smaller datasets and accurately segment diseases into different types, as well as accurately classify patients for sensitivity to drugs and/or efficacy of treatment.

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