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Heating Up the Solar-Power Industry

Disrupting the Solar Technology Marketplace

  • Cutting Edge Tech, About to Hit the Market GSTX is currently in the final stages of development of the initial production parameters required to produce commercially viable and efficient transparent solar cells/panels to meet the increasing demand for transparent solar panel windows.
  • Growing Market The global graphene market size for graphene is projected to grow from $620 million in 2020 to $1.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 19.0%. GSTX is set on riding that wave.
  • Increased Efficiency for Solar Graphene-enhanced solar panels have achieved increased power generation of up to 30%. This increased efficiency could prove very beneficial across solar applications, a major upside as green initiatives continue to grow.


Graphene & Solar Technologies (OTCQB: GSTX) specializes in the development of techniques for the production of advanced new alternative energy technologies as well as water recovery systems. The company began with a focus on the solar and high-end electronics industries, primarily by re-establishing its highly profitable production of commercial quantities (30,000 tpa.) of High Purity Quartz Sand from new commercial facilities in both Australia and the USA.. GSTX is expanding their solar initiatives to include the production of leading-edge Transparent/Clear Solar Panels. The company will utilize the wonder material Graphene and several patented Thin-Film technologies to produce these new see-through clear solar panels.

Reasons to Watch Graphene Solar Technologies

    • Market Opportunity – A recent report by Fortune Business Insights projects the global solar power market to reach $194 billion by 2027. Demand for solar panels, semiconductors, and other high-end electronics continues to increase exponentially, accordingly GSTX is well positioned to dominate this growing industry by providing lighter, more efficient solar products.
    • Wheels in Motion – The experienced leadership team has outlined an aggressive growth strategy for 2021, and are on schedule to begin production of high-purity green graphene in June 2022, via a long-term relationship with a USA based pioneering Graphene manufacturing group.
    • Cutting-Edge Tech – GSTX is also developing an innovative new range of see-through clear solar panels utilizing the new material Graphene, as well as several patented thin-film technologies.. The unique properties now achievable via the combination of new materials and leading edge patented applications are nearly boundless. These industrial efforts are applied towards building a greener and more environmentally friendly future. 
    • Expanding Their Portfolio — GSTX built its reputation and name in solar first, but its late 2021 acquisition of Air-to-Water LLC expanded the company’s footprint with a high-tech water recovery system as well.

Innovative Technologies Driving Growth

Graphene and Solar Technologies (OTCQB: GSTX) is a cutting-edge technology company developing alternative “Environmentally Sustainable Green” (ESG) energy systems and applications, focused on advancing new essential manufacturing materials for photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, semiconductors, and other advanced electronics.

Their established team of international technical experts and associates has extensive experience developing and integrating leading edge, high-tech solar industry and alternative energy initiatives.

GSTX is currently in the final stages of development of the initial production parameters required to produce commercially viable and efficient transparent solar cells/panels to meet the increasing demand for transparent solar panel windows, particularly for high-rise buildings. As the manufacturing industries trend toward greener energy initiatives, such solar window installations have the capacity to meet both a building’s electricity operating costs and the requirement to reduce environmental impact.

GRAPHENE – What is Graphene?

Graphene is truly a miracle material. Developed in 2004, graphene is the most advanced industrial production material introduced to the marketplace in recent decades. It is 300 times more conductive than copper, harder than diamond, stronger than steel, more resilient than teflon, and the most impenetrable non-porous material yet discovered. Graphene is also what’s known as a 2D material; it’s only “one atom” thick, so the only measured dimensions are length and width. This incredible thinness, coupled with hyper-resilience and superior conductivity makes it perfect for use in premium electronics, batteries, solar panels, and much more. Some have even speculated that the impact of graphene will surpass that of the plastics revolution in the 1950s.

“The global graphene market size for graphene is projected to grow from $620 million in 2020 to $1.5 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 19.0%. GSTX is set on riding that wave, with plans to be producing high-purity graphene by late 2021”


Following three years of extensive evaluation and design, GSTX and a US based graphene company have agreed to establish a Joint-Venture Graphene manufacturing facility in Queensland Australia. They will initially ship a containerized fully operational production plant from the US that can be established and manufacturing Graphene in Australia within six months of receipt of the initial factory complex in Australia.

The graphene production facility will include the establishment of a Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) facility capable of producing electronics grade Graphene, with plans to commence production in June 2022. The new Brisbane, Australia based factory will provide direct access to the Chinese and Japanese semiconductor markets.

Thin Film Technology

US Thin-Film Corporation, a GSTX subsidiary, owned the exclusive rights to an advanced Patent Portfolio of 72 unique patents covering the application and production of Transparent Conductive Thin Films (TCF). In late 2021 GSTX then purchased another 120 internationally registered patented technologies and thin-film applications from Cima NanoTech in Israel. Emerging Thin-Film nano-technologies have proven far superior to existing applications; they possess (10X) times the electrical conductivity of conventional Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) based transparent conductive films. The transparent, flexible, seamless and light-weight thin-film panels are expected to replace the cumbersome and heavyweight solar installations of solar’s earliest technologies, giving thin-film solar a projected market value of $25 billion by 2030.

This film can be manufactured with relatively simple engineering methods, and is securely protected by an extensive patent portfolio.

The proprietary Thin-Film technology uses a silver (or any high-purity metal) nano-particle ink (dispersion) that self-assembles via software into a conductive network on a thin film. This enables economical manufacturing of Transparent Conductive Films with excellent electrical conductivity, high transparency, and the enhanced flexibility of multiple advanced applications. When coupled with the use of graphene and their own in-house production methods, it will allow GSTX to manufacture see-through solar panels. The market for this kind of solar panel is massive; just imagine a skyscraper with windows that generate all of the building’s power, or an electric car that charges itself when parked outside. This disruptive technology is positioning GSTX for massive growth.

Air-to-Water Extraction

Air-to-Water LLC, another GSTX subsidiary, has developed a standalone unit with water extraction technology capable of harvesting 13-20 gallons of clean atmospheric water.

In December 2021 GSTX acquired the Nevada-based company and now manufactures its proprietary units. Each unit can run on either electrical power, solar power, and/or batteries while extracting water with no moving parts. When placed together in parallel they can create water harvesting farms, with each unit expected to sell for between $5,000 and $8,000.

The technology has the potential to address some common resource challenges and shortages. The United Nations estimates 2.3 billion people live in water-stressed countries. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency expects 40 states to experience some freshwater shortages in the coming decade. While inadequate infrastructure is a common challenge in water-scarce areas, climate change is expected to create even more strain on water supply worldwide.

Going Green with Graphene and Solar Technologies

The solar industry has experienced a 49% growth rate every year over the last decade, and GSTX will be challenged to provide enough product if that kind of growth is sustained; a good problem to have. With ownership of their own mines, production of graphene, and the impending release of their own see-through solar panel technology, GSTX could be one of the few companies capable of keeping up with demand.

Worldwide green initiatives and the increased adoption of clean sources of energy are gaining popularity, and one of the most common ways people are taking steps to “go green” is by installing solar panels. This is great for GSTX, whose graphene-enhanced solar panels have achieved increased power generation of up to 30%. This unique capability establishes a commanding position for GSTX as an important contributor for evolving new materials and production methods, now an essential requirement in the ESG alternative energy solutions.

HIGH PURITY QUARTZ SAND – Still a potentially fruitful venture

GSTX first produced High Purity Quartz Sand (HPQS) in Melbourne in 2009. HPQS is an essential material required to successfully produce PV Solar Panels, semiconductors, and all high-end electronics and micro-electric functionalities. Without a reliable and consistent supply of industry-standard HPQS, these products cannot be produced for global markets.

Commercial grade HPQS requires extremely high purity processing that is difficult to achieve. Accordingly, HPQS is only successfully manufactured by a handful of producers world-wide, and the global demand for HPQS always exceeds available supply.

GSTX dedicated several years in China and Asia to successfully marketing and distributing the Australian made HPQS product, sending sample HPQS to major commodity houses and industrial brokers. The company HPQS was tested successfully with industrial processing factories in China. Substantial product orders were received but financing restrictions unfortunately limited the HPQS project.

With the appropriate financing, we believe the HPQS manufacturing project remains viable and potentially profitable today, especially considering all the various difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. GSTX also owns the source of their HPQS and is a shorter distance to Asian markets than other manufacturers. These key advantages give the GSTX HPQS project quite a set of legs.

Investment Considerations

Graphene and Solar Technologies is well positioned to become a leader in the development and production of advanced solar and alternative energy technologies, as well as advancing solutions to resource challenges in the future. Need for electronics and solar panels continues to rise and a growing awareness of climate change is presenting us with innovative technologies that can tackle potential problems, like the company’s water extraction technology. We think that GSTX is a company positioned for massive growth, due to their advanced technologies, patent holdings, and market forces.

  • Refined manufacturing process maximizes purity of products
  • Set for graphene production to commence in June 2022
  • Continued growth in multiple markets will drive growth for GSTX products
  • GSTX is advancing the push for clean energy around the world
  • The company is expanding its portfolio of products and technologies, from solar to water extraction.

Press Releases


The GSTX management team together has 50 years combined experience in developing new production techniques for the solar technologies and high-end electronics industries.

Their team and long-term technology associates have a proven track record of producing commercial quality solar grade and semiconductor industry quality and purity products.

The executive management team has 11 years experience in all facets of specialized products critical for the solar and the high-end electronics industries.


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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Graphene Solar (GSTX)
  • Amount & Form of Compensation - $500,000.00 in Common Stock
  • Who Paid for the Campaign & Position with Company if any - Graphene Solar (GSTX)
  • Period of Campaign - 3/12/2021-3/12/2022
What securities of the Profiled Issuers do we hold? The positions we hold of the Profiled Issuer are set forth below. We plan to sell these securities during the Campaign.
  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Graphene Solar (GSTX)
  • Number of Shares We or our Affiliates Hold - 438,596.00
  • Price We Paid Per Share - $0
  • Date Issued - 2/22/2021

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