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In the Competitive World of Pollution Remediation, the Future is Klir

Why Supernova Energy’s new subsidiary could be a real game changer

With its new pollution remediation subsidiary Klir Sky, Supernova Energy Inc. (OTC:SPRN) is looking to not only reduce harmful emissions, but to turn those emissions into something valuable.


A problem of global importance

Global warming is on everyone’s radar these days, and the rewards for the companies helping solve this worldwide problem will be enormous.

Capturing emissions at the source

Supernova’s Klir Sky technology captures harmful industrial emissions before they ever make it into the air, helping industry go green.

Eliminating and repurposing greenhouse gasses

After capturing greenhouse gas emissions, Klir Sky’s innovative Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS) liquefies and efficiently separates the individual component chemicals in the exhaust, concentrating them and allowing them to then be sold on the market. The carbon offsets generated by these reductions will also be available to sell to other businesses soon.

Cleaning up the dirtiest industries

With an initial deployment in charcoal production, a notorious polluter, Klir Sky intends to prove the value of this technology where it counts.

Cutting edge ESG technology

More advanced and efficient than any other pollution remediation system out there, Klir Sky turns pollution reduction into a smart business decision for more reasons than one.

Approachable “PRaaS” model

Focusing on “Pollution Reduction as a Service,” Klir Sky plans to make deployment by industry both easy and economical.

100% Removal

Klir Sky’s technology is able to remove 100% of both small and large particles from emissions, protecting the environment and producing valuable industrial chemicals at the same time.


Stopping pollution at the source

Imagine a world without harmful and unsightly air pollution. Clear, smog free skies and a stable and healthy climate for future generations. People have dreamed about this for decades, but now, with Klir Sky, this dream is closer to reality. 

Klir Sky, a subsidiary of Supernova Energy Inc. (OTC:SPRN), is poised to make a huge dent in the amount of harmful greenhouse gasses entering our atmosphere by allowing pollution-heavy industries to capture emissions right at the source. Supernova is pivoting from oil and gas and going all in on pollution remediation, and with Klir Sky, they may have something truly revolutionary on their hands.


Capturing and eliminating harmful emissions

If you’ve spent any time in large industrial cities, you’ve likely seen the ubiquitous smokestacks belching clouds of black exhaust into the air. Most people reluctantly accept this as an unfortunate ‘cost of doing business’ that not much can be done about.

Traditionally, companies have tackled the growing problem of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by creating technologies that don’t depend on combustion. From solar panels to wind turbines to electric cars and more, a great deal of progress has been made in this area, and the world is better off overall for it. 

It would be nice if all sources of pollution could be made green this way, but the fact is, some industries will always depend on combustion and other processes that produce potentially harmful exhaust.

This is where Klir Sky comes in. If these emissions can’t be prevented outright, what if they could be captured? That’s exactly what this company is doing, and the potential impact on both the environment and businesses bottom lines has smart investors very excited. 

To put it simply, Klir Sky uses advanced technology to capture exhaust gasses and chemicals straight from the source, preventing them from ever entering the environment at all.

If that already sounds good, it’s about to get even better.


What to do with all that pollution?

The idea of capturing pollution at the source has captivated scientists and environmentalists for years, but until recently, all early attempts at this kind of pollution remediation shared several common problems. 

First, as simple as capturing greenhouse gas pollution may sound, the technical challenges of actually doing it are much more difficult than many people realize. 

Second, even if you manage to capture 100% of emissions, keeping any from entering the environment, you’re left with another difficult problem; what to do with all the captured pollution. 

Klir Sky solves both of these issues with their advanced and revolutionary Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS). This system operates at greater efficiency and effectiveness than anything previously has: and because it liquifies the captured exhaust chemicals, it turns what was once a waste product into something valuable and marketable.


What is air pollution actually made of?

It’s easy to talk about things like greenhouse gasses and harmful emissions without actually stopping to think about what the chemical composition of those things are. 

When a fuel is burned, the chemical reaction releases various compounds into the air. We commonly refer to these things as pollution because they can be harmful in the atmosphere, especially in large quantities, but at the end of the day, what we’re really talking about is chemicals.

Some of these chemicals include things like nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and other volatile organic compounds. In the air, they are pollutants, but in other forms, they are useful and potentially valuable chemicals to be used in industry.


How does Klir Sky work?

Without going too deep into the science, the process works like this:

Capture emissions at the source

Klir Sky connects their proprietary equipment to the smokestack or other emission source, allowing them to capture and process the gasses released.

Scrub and split

Klir Sky then scrubs the various gasses and compounds from the exhaust stream and splits them into their individual chemical components.


Once the gasses are removed and separated, each gas is then liquefied, ensuring the purest form of each individual chemical component of the emissions. 


Once liquefied and separated, the individual gasses, once nothing more than harmful pollution, can be sold for use as transportation fuels and other industrial uses

Through this process, Klir Sky achieves what was once considered impossible; 100% removal of both small and large particles, turning dangerous air pollution into something useful.


Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS)

Historically, one of the main factors holding back widespread adoption of pollution reduction technologies has been the cost. Few companies wanted to spend the money up front to purchase and install a system, and some worried that efficiency could be hurt.

To counteract these concerns, Klir Sky is pursuing Pollution Reduction as a Service (PRaaS.) This model will make it easier and more economical for companies to get started with greenhouse gas capture, and the revenue generated from the sale of the captured gasses and chemicals will make it more attractive for them to continue with Klir Sky.

Adding to the revenue potential, participating businesses will soon be able to sell carbon offsets generated by their pollution reduction activities. Klir Sky recently announced the addition of these offsets to its business model, and the response from investors has been encouraging.


Huge market opportunity

Even as advocates for renewable energy and other green technologies continue to make significant progress, there remains no shortage of industrial and other sites that continue to produce greenhouse gas emissions. 

By stopping even a fraction of that pollution from entering the environment, Klir Sky has the potential to make a major impact on environmental health in the years to come. 

In this case, what’s good for the environment is good business as well. 

The US government has committed to a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030.

There are currently over 15,500 companies in the US listed on the EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory, and each of these is a potential user for what Klir Sky has created. These include metal mining, coal mining, electric utilities, commercial hazardous waste treatment, chemicals and allied products, petroleum bulk terminals and plants, natural gas processing, charcoal producers, and more.

Governments and private companies are spending trillions to solve the problem of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, and with Klir Sky, Supernova is excellently positioned to capture a large and growing piece of this market.

The first real world application of this technology has already been chosen, with a charcoal plant in Kentucky to serve as the first example of what Klir Sky can do. Charcoal processing alone was responsible for 3.3% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, so the potential benefits of reducing or eliminating emissions are significant. 

The need to protect the environment isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the need for the industrial processes that support our increasingly advanced society. With Klir Sky, investors gain exposure to a novel and effective solution to one of the dirtiest problems in environmental protection. 


Summary For Investors

Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are a global problem. Governments and private entities are spending huge amounts of money on potential solutions, and this is only expected to increase. 

While many businesses can transition to cleaner technologies, there are significant portions of the economy that rely on conventional, pollution generating technologies. 

With Klir Sky, Supernova allows these businesses to achieve 100% removal of both small and large particles. Taking advantage of a proprietary Gas Processing and Liquefaction System (GPLS), Klir Sky is able to scrub all harmful emissions from the exhaust stream, efficiently separate these compounds, and liquefy them for ease of transportation and sale. 

The goal is for the sale of these captured and repurposed chemicals to fund the operation of the system, and the first real world application, a charcoal plant in Kentucky, is already in the works. 

Under a recently announced plan, Klir Sky customers will also be able to sell the carbon offsets generated by their pollution reduction activities to others, generating further revenue and advancing the green economy.

Klir Sky is different from anything else on the market, and as pollution remediation continues to grow in popularity and importance over the coming years, we see a very bright future for Supernova and its investors. 

Supernova Energy Inc. trades under OTC:SPRN.

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Nicholas Upchurch

Founder and CEO

Mr. Nicholas Upchurch is a fifth-generation oil and gas professional whose career started in 1998 with Twin Lakes Drilling, Company. With over 18 years of experience in leasing, drilling, operating, completions, and geological analysis, Mr. Upchurch has been involved in the acquisition of over 100,000 acres across the central United States. Mr. Upchurch owned and operated Lucky Production from 2004 to 2010. He continued his oil and gas work with Olim Energy, LLC in 2011, before becoming owner and CEO of OMR Drilling in 2012. As owner Nicholas has acquired over 15,000 acres and has drilled, operated, and/or produced over 100 wells in the Appalachian Basin for investors, both in the United States and internationally.   Since 2017 Mr. Upchurch has been the owner / operator of a Kentucky based charcoal plant, where he has gained extensive knowledge of the greenhouse gas mitigation space. This experience has led him to see the need for a solution to reduce and eliminate noxious gasses from these types of polluters. The visionary of KLIR SKY Inc., Mr. Upchurch is eager to develop KLIR into a company that can help the world reduce and one day eliminate greenhouse gasses.


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