IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand and PGxAI Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop First-In-Class AI Model for Pharmacogenomics Recommendations Using LENSai™

June 25, 2024

IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand and PGxAI Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop First-In-Class AI Model for Pharmacogenomics Recommendations Using LENSai™

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA), June 25, 2024 – ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. (the “Company” or “IPA”) (NASDAQ: IPA), an AI-driven biotherapeutic research and technology company, today announced that its subsidiary, BioStrand, is collaborating with PGxAI to leverage BioStrand's patented Foundation AI Model, LENSai. This collaboration advances the precision medicine field of pharmacogenomics and supports LENSai Application Programming Interface (“API”) commercial rollout through expanding LENSai features and market reach.

Pharmacogenomics, the study of how genetic variations affect drug response, is integral to IPA’s goal to efficiently create tailored therapies and improve patient outcomes. The vast amount of genetic data has historically been difficult for researchers to access, manage, and interpret. LENSai was built to address that challenge through its unique ability to analyze Large Language Models simultaneously with many disparate forms of research and patient data. LENSai was recently made available by BioStrand to certain current and prospective partners through an API. BioStrand’s collaboration with PGxAI is an important next step aimed at providing LENSai users the ability to apply pharmacogenetic analysis, reflecting our shared mission of better healthcare solutions through advanced technology.

“The work we’ve begun with PGxAI marks a significant application of LENSai to a critical real-world challenge, enabling the development of a unique pharmacogenomics AI model,” said Dr. Jennifer Bath, President and CEO of IPA. “With more genomic data and new pharmacogenetic insights, more advanced methods are urgently needed to analyze and predict treatment responses and adverse drug reactions. We believe that LENSai offers a potentially groundbreaking approach to creating an adaptive AI model that is designed to predict individual patient responses to both existing and new drugs.”

Mike Zack, MD, PhD, CEO of PGxAI, commented, “We are excited to partner with BioStrand, a leader in AI-powered biotherapeutic solutions. Our collaboration aims to create a transformative AI model for the pharmacogenomics sector, enhancing our ability to predict effective and safe therapies. This partnership represents a significant step toward revolutionizing personalized medicine.”

Allan Gobbs, Executive Chairman of PGxAI, added, “The clinical value of pharmacogenomics is increasingly recognized by healthcare providers and payers. We believe that our model will enable unprecedented personalization and precision in pharmacogenetic recommendations, potentially transforming medication prescription practices on a global scale.”

Despite advancements in generative AI, vector search, and multi-omics, practical applications of precision medicine remain limited, contributing to over 30% of adverse drug reactions, as noted in The Lancet(1). By sequencing the human genome and cataloging genetic variants, we can better understand and predict how patients will respond to specific drugs. Integrating pharmacogenomics with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers significant potential to personalize treatments and enhance patient outcomes.

A robust AI model in this field has the potential to revolutionize the $400 billion prescription drug market(2), significantly improving patient outcomes and driving innovation in precision medicine. This presents a compelling investment opportunity to transform healthcare by delivering cutting-edge solutions in the rapidly evolving precision medicine landscape.

Dirk Van Hyfte, MD, PhD, Head of Technology at IPA and Co-Founder of BioStrand, stated, "We are thrilled to deploy our LENSai software, available through API, to support PGxAI’s cutting-edge initiatives. Our collaboration is set to enhance rational drug design by integrating advanced AI analysis of vast genomic data, enabling the precise tailoring of therapies to individual genetic profiles. This approach not only boosts the efficacy and safety of treatments but also streamlines the drug development process, reducing both timelines and costs. Our technology is developed to help optimize drug therapies for specific patient needs, marking a significant advancement in personalized medicine."


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