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Paradigm-Shifting Technology with AI-Based Video Streaming Software

UPDATE: Cytta Corp has been named one of the “7 Drone Stocks to Watch for 2022” by US News and World Reports – Learn More

  • Strong StrategyThe global Service as a Software (SaaS) market was expected to grow from $225.6 billion in 2020 to $272.49 billion going into 2022. It is anticipated that this trend will continue, with the market estimated to reach $436.9 billion by 2025. Cytta will be capitalizing on that trend by the end of Q1 2022 by launching IGAN-as-a-service.
  • Contracts in PlaceFirst responder and defense contractor clients began deploying Cytta Corp technology in 2019 (an approximately $15B market). These clients will provide steady revenue while Cytta Corp expands its offerings.
  • Valuable, Life Saving TechThe technology deployed by Cytta Corp allows emergency services and first responders to stream high-quality video in real-time. This increases their ability to perform life-saving operations in critical situations.
  • Recognized Investment Opportunity Recently named to US News and World Reports’ “7 Drone Stocks to Watch for 2022” list, Cytta Corp is beginning to show up on the radar of mainstream investors and publications.


Cytta Corp Holds the Most Powerful Live Video Streaming Compression Technology in the World

Cytta Corp (OTCQB: CYCA) has developed a proprietary software technology that radically shifts how video is streamed, consumed, transferred, and stored. Their proprietary intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology is built around SUPR, the most powerful software codec in the world. Cytta is solving real-world video streaming challenges in unique and innovative ways, giving the company multiple applications with the potential to revolutionize each market it penetrates. 

Investment Considerations

  • Paradigm-Shifting Technology- The core of the company is SUPR, Cytta Corp’s proprietary video streaming compression software. It is the most powerful technology in its field, and the company builds all its other services and products to complement SUPR for multi-market integration. 
  • SaaS Long Term Revenue Business Model – With the release of IGAN 2.0, Cytta brings customers a SaaS based fully integrated multimedia connectivity platform which should provide consistent revenue for investors through licensing.
  • Multiple Markets Potential – First responder and defense contractor clients began deploying Cytta Corp technology in 2019 (an approximately $15B market). Since then, the company has displayed capabilities of its tech relevant for disaster response, environmental groups, utilities, video streaming companies, and more.
  • Growing notoriety among investors – Cytta was just named to the “7 Drone Stocks to Watch for 2022” list by US News and World Reports, adding to the company’s growing reputation as a leader in both drone and video compression technologies for law enforcement.

Appreciating Cytta Corp’s potential requires some understanding of the nuts and bolts of its technology. So without getting too technical, let’s take a look at what gives them a leg up on their competition; the core of the company, its paradigm shifting video compression software. 

Solving the Bottleneck Problem 

First thing’s first, what’s the problem Cytta Corp. is solving? 

Every video, movie, or image that is being transferred digitally and shared across the internet — through our TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers — is processed by a video streaming compression software.  

The rate at which the world does this today is mind boggling. And it’s growing exponentially. In 2017, for example, 6,821 petabytes were transferred per month globally. In 2022, that global monthly traffic will reach 60,899 petabytes. With a single petabyte equal to 1,000,000 gigabytes (1,000 terabytes) and a 10x growth rate over just the past five years, you can imagine the load of digital traffic being created. 

This leads to “bottlenecks,” which regularly occur in areas with low bandwidth (or just too much data transfer over one period). These can slow down video transfer, compromise streaming quality, or even make it impossible altogether. Disaster areas with urgent response needs, for example, can’t tolerate these bottlenecks. The ability for first responders, military, and utility providers to efficiently communicate and coordinate video and audio across multiple channels in real time can have lifesaving results. 

Enter SUPR, an AI-based video streaming compression software that eliminates all the bottlenecks experienced with today’s technology. And it does so at a level so far above the current status quo that it’s scary.  


Imagine sending a “digital box” through a “digital pipeline” to a new location. Video files (your box) are compressed on one end, making them small enough to fit through that pipeline. When the video arrives at its destination, the same file is decompressed and brought back as close to its original size and quality as possible for viewing. The higher the quality of a video file, the more bits it requires to represent that video’s original image. 

In a nutshell, we rely on compression software (a CODEC) to carry out this process. 

Cytta Corp’s SUPR is a video compression software engine that is 100x more powerful than any other compression engine today.

“It operates at real-time speeds compressing 4K, 8K, holographic, and even Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality files by creating massive reductions in both storage and bandwidth.”

“Just to give you an idea, HD video — High definition, 1920 by 1080  — is about 3 gigs (gigaBITS. Streaming, not storing) per second in raw. It’s impossible to stream that on its own. It’s not efficient at all,” says Cytta CVO, Michael Collins. 

SUPR utilizes a greater compression ratio than the status quo for efficient compression, effectively making them smaller in overall size. Meanwhile, Cytta’s algorithm for this process relies on 1/100th of the machine instructions — the power and resources that carry out compression — than existing engines when bringing the video back to its original quality. 

“When it comes to high resolution — we’ve got 8K televisions out there — in HD, we’re just sitting in idle and first gear. It’s nothing for us to encode HD video with a meager processor,” Collins says. 

Because SUPR has market potential far beyond Cytta’s core business, the company plans to spin off its semiconductor chip design work to a newly created subsidiary, Reticulate Micro.

Reticulate  will focus exclusively on developing chipset solutions for multi-market adoptions based on Cytta’s proprietary SUPR ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) system that delivers real-time compression of video streams for surface, airborne, and underwater ISR applications.

This plan will accelerate the development of the technology and market adoption. Placing the SUPR video compression on an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC chip) the size of the head of a ballpoint pen should allow for this technology to be incorporated in virtually every device that utilizes video. The plan is to capitalize this entity and direct list to Nasdaq.

Meet IGAN  

When you have a high-power Ferrari engine, you want to maximize its performance (and show it all off) by dropping it in an efficient and eye-catching chassis. And if SUPR is that engine, Cytta Corp’s IGAN (Incident Global Network) incident command center (ICS) is the cherry red Ferrari convertible the company’s customers get to drive. Or in this case, a high-powered pickup truck. 

IGAN is a mobile hardware/software system that offers a unified command center for managing video streams, 2-way radios, smartphones, tablets, and computers. Paired with SUPR, it streams all these assets on one online interface in real time. The technology has applications for search and rescue operations, dash cams, disaster response, utility inspections, remote bomb disposal robots, police and fire bodycams, and more, giving Cytta a built-in customer base of first responders, military, and industrial clients. 

And as we’ve learned, thanks to its utilization of SUPR, Cytta has a leg up on the competition when providing this technology. The marketplace is learning this fast, following headline-grabbing displays in 2021 of the IGAN/SUPR potential at mass vaccination sites in Texas, “Operation Baywatch” with Los Angeles Fire Department and LA Lifeguards, and more. 

With the release of IGAN 2.0, Cytta is bringing customers more robust multimedia connectivity, and with it, a business model that should be very appealing to investors.

Maximizing Revenue Potential with a SaaS Business Model 

The global Service as a Software (SaaS) market was expected to grow from $225.6 billion in 2020 to $272.49 billion going into 2022. It is anticipated that this trend will continue, with the market estimated to reach $436.9 billion by 2025. Cytta is capitalizing on that trend with the recent release of the SaaS-based IGAN 2.0, also known as IGAN-as-a-service.

The company calls the strategy a natural evolution and expansion of its product offerings, utilizing the cloud-based AI-powered software service and IGAN in a way that clients can deploy the most up-to-date Cytta technology. This strategy should also prove to be profitable for investors, as Cytta continues to develop additional streaming software applications that are creating multi billion dollar market potential. 

“IGAN Version 2.0 is the result of our extensive beta testing and was completely redeveloped with hands-on input from first responders to meet and exceed the needs of every first responder operating in the U.S.,” said Gary Campbell, CEO of Cytta Corp. “Our goal was to design an incident command system that can not only be used by any operation, but provides additional actionable intelligence on an ongoing basis, regardless of department size or budget. The new IGAN 2.0 platform will initially be distributed to all our legacy customers and additional functionality will be introduced on an ongoing basis through newly developed support modules. We will be integrating the IGAN 2.0 delivery into our ERP and Web Site for broader sales access in the coming weeks.”

Cytta Corp In the Field

Supporting Record Daily Vaccinations at Texas Motor Speedway 

In February, 2021, as COVID-19 vaccines were still in their earliest stages of distribution through America, Cytta was called on by the North Texas Public Safety Unmanned Response Team for assistance at Texas Motor Speedway, then the largest mass vaccination site in the nation. 

An estimated 400 police, fire, medical crews, and volunteers guided vaccine recipients through 16 lanes at an astonishing rate of 1,000 per hour, getting most of them in and out of the drive through site within 30 minutes. This required the coordination of complex traffic directions, patient check-ins, medical screening, inoculation, medical observations, and ensuring personnel were present where and whenever needed. Doing this required the use of several UAS drones flying over site, with Cytta’s IGAN ICS streaming the video and providing unified video and audio communications. 

Thanks to IGAN, the site was able to increase vaccinations from an average of 5,000 per day to a record-setting 10,000 at its peak. 

“In my 30+ years of Law Enforcement, and 26 years in the US Air Force, I have seldom witnessed an advancement in technology with the IGAN potential,” said Texas Police Lieutenant Clay Regan. “Utilizing IGAN to coordinate this vaccination site empowered all involved agencies to achieve optimal results and vaccinate more people more quickly and more safely. In any public safety situation, the IGAN system has the capacity to rival any significant innovation for police, fire, emergency management, or public safety in general.”

IGAN and “Operation Baywatch” with LAFD and LA Lifeguards 

In August of 2021, Cytta Corp joined forces with the world renowned LA County Lifeguards, made famous by the 90s television series Baywatch, and Los Angeles County Fire Departments for “Operation Baywatch.”

Demonstrating the capabilities of the IGAN Fusion system, first responders ran lifesaving drills on the beaches of Los Angeles with assistance from Cytta Corp headlining technology. In the drills, mostly drone video was streamed and accessible to all first responders through the IGAN command center. 

It’s a clear and direct example of how the IGAN/SUPR pairing has revolutionary potential in its initial target market. 

“The use of UAS to deliver lifesaving assistance, while utilizing the IGAN Fusion to maintain real time Situational Awareness, interoperability, and secure and reliable communications, is critical in the success of these scenarios,” the company said. “The Los Angeles Fire Department, and the LA County Lifeguards and other first responders in the area, want to provide faster response times with more accurate information. This requires video streaming capabilities and 2-way communication with first responders. The IGAN Fusion can bring all these data streams together and seamlessly provide life-saving information to first responders’ fingertips with ultra-low latency.”

Taking all that we now know about Cytta Corp into account, it’s easy to get excited about their potential. The status quo for video streaming is well behind what the company is already making available in the marketplace, and their tech is powerful enough to set an entirely new (and very high) bar for the future. Once its software becomes the status quo, Cytta Corp will be positioned as the next potential blue chip.

Saving lives in Dallas with drones

Powered by the IGAN network, police in Dallas, Texas are already saving lives and making some of the most volatile and dangerous situations significantly safer.

The Dallas Police Department Unmanned Aircraft Systems unit was the first to deploy the Drone Clear program, powered by Cytta Corp’s innovative technology. Under the program, a single drone or multiple drones can be flown into a building in which there is a perceived threat, such as an armed suspect.

The drones act as sentries, sending video data to incident commanders as well as officers on the scene. The data helps responders map out the structure, identifying potential threats before the decision is made to send officers into the building.

“We’re trying to find a way to reduce or eliminate the unplanned use of force,” said Dallas Police Sergeant Ross Stinson, who heads Dallas PD’s UAS squad.

“The UAS goes in first and develops the situational awareness, so that when officers do wind up making entry or moving into a confined space, they have all the information necessary to gain compliance or find other ways to go in rather than having a planned use of force,” Stinson said.

How drones and data can save lives

Drone Clear takes advantage of Cytta’s IGAN network technology, allowing for real-time video streaming to be shared by multiple parties, who can also use the platform to communicate with one another.

Michael Collins, Cytta’s chief technology officer, said the company began combining its technology with drones in 2008, while working with the military to design a system that enabled low-bandwidth two-way video and audio communications.

In a typical application of the Drone Clear program, a police agency will deploy multiple small drones, typically DJI Mini 2s, to feed video to the command center and other interested observers through the IGAN platform. Upon encountering a situation such as an armed subject hiding inside a house or other building, police can fly five or six drones into the structure.

The drones can be flown to strategic locations throughout the structure and landed so they can act as static observation posts, keeping an eye on certain spots where an active shooter might be hiding, such as in a closet or under a bed. This technique preserves the drones’ battery life, while allowing officers to gain situational awareness of the potential threats they may have to face before they enter into each room of the building.

“The mission is to take video before they go in and share that with everyone,” Collins said.

In some cases, suspects have surrendered upon sight of the drone, and even when this doesn’t happen, the real time intelligence provided on the situation inside has the potential to save many lives.

Untapped market

In 2020, 1712 police departments across the country were actively using drone technology. That may sound like a lot until you realize that there are over 7985 police agencies in the United States.

In other words, over 90% of American police departments are not yet taking advantage of drone technology, despite decreasing costs and the potential to save lives of civilians and officers.

Cytta has its sights set squarely on departments large and small with its competitively priced, powerful and effective, life saving Drone Clear technology.

As more departments become aware of what Cytta’s technology can do, smart investors expect to see continued growth in what US News and World Report is already calling one of the 7 drone stocks to watch for 2022.

Cytta Corp. trades under (OTCQB:CYCA)





Gary Campbell, Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO Gary Campbell previously led the development of Cytta’s proprietary Doctor Direct remote patient monitoring technology. Formerly, as  Rocketinfo CEO he introduced online instant news delivery technology to the news industry. Earlier as Screenphone CEO, he partnered with Samsung to connect medical peripherals to their internet appliance, creating the world’s first web-based remote medical monitoring system. He was also part of the team that created the first prepaid cellular phone, the TRACFONE, and connected cellular rental system. Mr. Campbell has both Law and Business degrees.


Michael Collins, Chief Visionary Officer

Michael Collins leads the Cytta SUPR Compression and IGAN Fusion design and implementation teams. He works directly with the team of software engineers responsible for all updates and revisions to the products and their underlying algorithms. As Chief Visionary Officer, Mr. Collins brings over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and operating digital imaging, network, and telecommunications companies. 


Michael Chermak, Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer, Michael Chermak brings nearly 40 years of global experience in healthcare related ventures to Cytta. As an experienced entrepreneur, he has founded and successfully exited multiple companies. Mr. Chermak also has 20 years of public company experience on OTC and NASDAQ exchanges as an officer and as a director. He has helped raise over $200 million for companies where he has held leadership positions. Mr. Chermak graduated from the University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management.


Erik Stephansen, President

Erik Stephansen serves as President at Cytta and is a telecommunications strategist and key architect of the Cytta Connect remote monitoring IOT/Could ecosystem. He is responsible for the development and integration of several Cytta technologies that enrich the end user mobile experience. Previously, Mr. Stephansen worked in Private Equity for over ten years advising buyers on technology integration for the Castle Crow & Company. He has also consulted for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco, Microsoft, Ciber, and Panda Restaurant Group.



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