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The Paradigm Shifting AI Technology Transforming a $40B Industry

How NetraMark’s Business Could Completely Alter the Clinical Trial Landscape

NetraMark (CSE : AIAI, OTC: AINMF, FRA: 8TV) is an AI software technology company dedicated to improving the understanding and efficacy of how clinical trial data relates to pharmaceutical candidates.

Its products help optimize the path to new drug development by using a pharmaceutical company’s data to help define the biomarkers associated with clinical trial participants that have an increased chance of being a positive responder to a candidate medicine.  The NetraMark technology will ultimately drive the key clinical trial enrichment criteria to be used in the recruitment of participants for the trial.

There is a big opportunity in this industry, as only 12% of pharmaceutical candidates make it through the clinical  trial process. For an industry worth roughly $40B worldwide, the ability to increase the likelihood of a new drug making it past the (costly) later stages of testing translates into a HIGH VALUE business.

Key Investment Factors

Big Market Opportunity – The global market size for clinical trials and R+D expenditures is $40B+. That represents a large opportunity for an effective way to increase the likelihood of a successful clinical trial. With less than 12% of trials making it to FDA approval, NetraMark has a real chance to make a name for itself. 

Large Valuation Multiples –  It isn’t unheard of for companies in the AI pharmaceutical space to hit valuation multiples of 20X-30X (sometimes more). NetraMark is projecting $2.8M by September of 2023 and $7.9M for its 2024 Fiscal year. If that trend continues, this could prove to be a valuable investment, on valuation alone. 

Experienced Team – NetraMark’s team is stacked. From highly accomplished and respected scientists and doctors, like Dr. Joseph Geraci who was recognized for research on placebo response related to mental health, to Josh Spiegel, who helped engineer a $330M exit in a recent deal. The guidance and expertise we see on their board is encouraging.

Effective Technology – None of this matters if the technology doesn’t work, and after 5 years of development, the NetraMark AI system (NetraAI) WORKS. The AI software has the ability to use small data sets to make significant observations and connections that help trials proceed.


Using AI to Make BIG Insights Out of Small Data Sets

With less than 12% of trial candidates making it through to FDA approval, wasting millions of dollars and years of research, a shift in the industry is sorely needed.

NetraMark is on a mission to change the way clinical trials go, by utilizing a revolutionary AI and Machine Learning software. NetraAI has the ability to take the small data sets that normally limit the ability to find significance, and use advanced models to uncover insights that traditional review just can’t. 

This change in clinical trials could result in saving pharmaceutical companies large sums of money, while propelling research that could save even more lives. It’s a win-win. 

NetraMark’s advanced machine learning techniques aim to revolutionize traditional drug development by providing a deeper understanding of diseases and their mechanisms. This leads to more effective clinical trial designs, increased efficacy, and reduced costs due to fewer failures. By saving money and increasing the likelihood of success, NetraMark will become invaluable to the pharmaceutical trial process. 

Its disease and symptom-specific models allow NetraMark to identify the most suitable patients for clinical trials with greater accuracy. This results in more confidence in smaller population sizes and reduces the chances of poor outcomes and wasted resources for pharmaceutical companies. The majority of trials are run with fewer than 1,000 participants, meaning the data sets can be small. NetraAI can draw statistically significant conclusions with even these smaller sample sizes, leading to a greater chance of a successful trial. 


Cumulative # of trials by anticipated # participants (1999-2021)*


Dr. Joseph Geraci, Co-Founder of NetraMark, has been recognized for his research on the placebo response, and NetraMark has designed its product to take such response into account. Its NetraAI technology keeps clients ahead of the competition by predicting placebo responder characteristics with greater accuracy. Those who do use NetraMark have an advantage over the standard practice, making it a valuable tool in the space. 

NetraMark’s technology can turn disparate and irregular data into uniformed datasets, allowing clients to uncover new insights about patient relationships and empowering their data science teams. In one white paper regarding genes associated with pancreatic cancer, traditional science uncovered one gene, while NetraAI was able to map out an entire network of potential genes that when overly expressed were associated with positive responders. This is game-changing technology. 


Press Releases





NetraMark is well positioned to grow over the next few years at a decent clip. We’ve seen the stock move from 0.1 to 0.3 from 1/11/23 – 2/10/23, and are confident to see more movement as the company starts really doing business and getting clients results. NetraMark is projecting $2.8M by September of 2023 and $7.9M by the next year, and if the company’s valuation stays on track with industry standards, that would drive a meaningful increase to the company valuation in just two years. 

This is an exciting company in an industry that needs a shift. AI pharmaceutical companies are on our watchlist anyway, and this is one we’re going to keep a close eye on.



George Achilleos

George is a seasoned Business Executive with 25+ years of experience, who began in the technology sector at IBM. He has led over $50M of business deals and transactions and has generated over $70M+ of revenue in his career. He has been in senior executive positions in the Digital Strategy, ECommerce, Nano Technology and Retail industries and has served in advisor board roles in the media, clean energy and plant-based foods sectors. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Calgary.


Josh Spiegel

25-plus years of experience in finance, sales and corporate strategy, with a strong background in health care, business services and technology. Prior to joining NetraMark, Mr. Spiegel was the vice-president of business strategy at VeraSci, where he leveraged his experience to provide strategic planning and oversight of commercial operations, including the launch of the Pathway eClinical platform and positioned the company for a highly successful $330-million (U.S.) exit to WCG Clinical, a leader in the pharmaceutical services sector.


Dr. Joseph Geraci
Chief Technology Officer / Chief Scientific Officer and Director

Co-Founder of NetraMark, mathematician, medical scientist, and quantum machine learning specialist with postdocs in machine learning, oncology and neuropsychiatry. He is associated with the department of Molecular Medicine and Pathology at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, and the Centre for Biotechnology and Genomics Medicine Medical College of Georgia, USA.


Dr. Luca Pani
Chief Innovation and Regulatory Officer

Dr. Pani is an academic both at the University of Miami in the United States and in Modena, Italy, and the former director-general of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) (2011 to 2016), where he managed a multibillion-dollar budget for drug expenditures and negotiations on behalf of the Italian national health system. Dr. Pani was the vice-president for regulatory strategy and market access innovation at VeraSci, where, among other matters, provided scientific strategic planning on the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) qualification program for the Pathway eClinical platform. This supported the company for a highly successful $330- million (U.S.) exit to WCG Clinical, a leader in the pharmaceutical services sector.


Dr. D.J. Cook
Chief Medical Officer

D.J. Cook MD, PhD is a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist at Queen’s University where he is division head and chair of neurosurgery. Dr. Cook completed his MD, PhD and residency at the University of Toronto and undertook fellowship training at Stanford University in Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery. Dr. Cook’s present research is focused on the development of predictive imaging, physiological and behavioral biomarkers in stroke and traumatic brain injury. His work includes the use of multi-sequence MRI analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms to derive novel insights into mechanisms of disease and to monitor recovery and therapy.


Swapan Kakumanu

Mr. Kakumanu brings over 25 years of senior finance and operations experience. He has served at senior executive management levels, both in public and private companies in high growth technology, blockchain, manufacturing, trading and oil field services industries. He has held senior management roles as president, chief executive officer and chief financial officer, where he has played a key role in raising over $200-million through various financing vehicles, including debt, convertible debt, equity and other non-dilutive instruments both in the private and public markets. 

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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Nurosene Health Inc. (MEND.CN)
  • Amount & Form of Compensation - $600,000.00 in Common Stock
  • Who Paid for the Campaign & Position with Company if any - Nurosene Health Inc. (MEND.CN)
  • Period of Campaign - 7/1/2021 - 7/1/2022
What securities of the Profiled Issuers do we hold? The positions we hold of the Profiled Issuer are set forth below. We plan to sell these securities during the Campaign.
  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Nurosene Health Inc. (MEND.CN)
  • Number of Shares We or our Affiliates Hold - 284,360
  • Price We Paid Per Share - $0
  • Date Issued - 06/30/2021
The information set out above is based on a number of assumptions including that the Company will hold an average of twenty four (24) prospect meetings per quarter, an expected average time to close of six (6) months, the average conversion rate of twenty percent (20%), average revenue per contract between $75,000 CDN and $400,000 CDN (depending on scope of work) and to be paid, on average, within thirty (30) to ninety (90) days of milestone completion - See “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Information and Forward-Looking Statements”, “Cautionary Note Regarding Future-Oriented Financial Information” and “Risk Factors” above. “Contracted Value” equals revenue payable under contracts for services with customers that we have executed other than revenue recognized under IFRS during the applicable period. Contracted Value is subject to our clients’ completion of necessary milestones under their research and clinical trial programs so it may not be recognized for many months or at all. The Company does not expect the Projected Contracted Values set out above to be converted to recognized revenue within the fiscal year. There can be no assurance that Contracted Value will be recognized or received when estimated or at all. Contracted Value is a non-IFRS measure. It does not have a standardized meaning under IFRS and might not be comparable to similar financial measures disclosed by other issuers. The most directly comparable financial measure to Contracted Value in the financial statements of the Company is revenue. Contracted Value is intended to provide additional information and should not be considered in isolation or as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with IFRS. Management believes that Contracted Value is useful as a supplement to comparable IFRS financial information. Management reviews this metric on a regular basis and uses it, together with financial measures included in the Company’s financial statements, to evaluate and manage the performance of the Company and to account for the value of a contract entered into, but not completed.

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