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It’s no secret that investors can make a lot of money with pharmaceutical stocks. But while the top performers and miracle cures get all the attention, there are also many hidden gems in a relatively niche sector of the space. 

While the big companies with powerful connections and multi-billion dollar marketing budgets pursue the next grand slam drug, some of the most exciting companies in pharma today are working on something less flashy but just as important, especially in the long run.

You see, while there are many established drugs, products, and treatments out there for every condition you can think of, not all of these treatments are as effective as they could be. 

Some aren’t absorbed very well into the body. Others are difficult, time consuming, or overy uncomfortable for patients. These existing procedures already save and improve lives, but with the benefit of modern technology and innovation, they could be made so much more effective than they already are. We’ve identified several promising companies that fit this description, and that investors would be smart to keep an eye on.


The Science of Better Pharmaceutical Delivery

In oral medications, bioavailability is the name of the game. With some conventional preparations, only 2% of the supplement or medication is actually absorbed into the body and delivered to where it needs to be. This means that up to 98% of the treatment is wasted.

Lexaria Biosciences (Nasdaq:LEXX) has solved this problem with its innovative DehydraTECH™ drug delivery technology. Using medium or long chain fatty acids to either target or bypass the liver as needed for any particular medication, Lexaria has managed to increase bioavailability 2 to 10 times over conventional preparations, with as much as 10 times faster onset times. 

This means less waste, faster treatment or relief for patients, and fewer side effects through targeted precision delivery. Lexaria has proven this technology, both with its own formulations and now with the high upside potential licensing side of the business. 

Continuing on the trend of more effective targeted delivery, NEXGEL (Nasdaq:NXGL) is bringing the same concept to the world of skincare and transdermal medication delivery.

NEXGEL is an established medical device manufacturer that is now bringing its years of industry expertise to the consumer market with a line of transdermal hydrogel patches. 

With products for everything from burns and fevers to wound care and migraines, NEXGEL has something for everything. Unlike conventional patches, NEXGEL’s products are safe and natural, formulated for comfort and to avoid irritation. Medications and supplements, or even just water for hydration, absorb directly into the skin in a natural and non-invasive manner. 

The potential applications for this technology are huge, and the company is already partnering with several major brands to bring it to market.


The Future of Less-Invasive Testing

In the past, medical testing has often been painful, uncomfortable, and invasive for patients. Doctors need to know the patient’s condition, and until recently, the unpleasantness associated with the tests was assumed to be necessary.

Todos Medical (OTCQB – U.S. Registered: TOMDF) is out to change all that with a line of highly accurate, less invasive blood tests for everything from Covid to Cancer. Delivering accurate results with just a simple blood sample, doctors and patients can get the information they need faster and easier than ever before. 

The company aims to become the global standard of care in administering routine in vitro diagnostic tests. Employing advanced and proven technology and backed by an experienced team of experts, we think they’re very much capable of doing exactly that.

Bringing It All Together

The pharmaceutical space has proven historically profitable, and we have no reason to think that will change any time soon. Instead of trying to chase yesterday’s winners or risk betting it all on “the next big thing,” smart investors today are looking for up and coming companies that are applying cutting edge new technology to improve the effectiveness and experience of existing treatments and therapies. 

The companies we’ve highlighted here today are excellent examples of this exciting trend, and we’re always on the lookout for more promising microcap companies to share with you here.

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