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Advancing: The World’s First Equality Driven Preference NYSE Index

Measuring Diversity and Inclusion While Establishing Profits and Awareness to Corporations Supporting LGBTQ+ Equality

LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings (NASDAQ:LGBT) is building financial and media platforms by working with the most equality sensitive S&P 500 companies, as well as small family businesses. A major goal of the Company is to prove that treating all customers with the respect and dignity they deserve will lead to bigger profits, while reinforcing the financial strength that LGBTQ+ awareness at the highest level brings.

Using a unique approach to cultivation, LGBTQ Loyalty launched an index fund, the LGBTQ+ ESG100 (NASDAQ: LGBT), featuring the top 100 companies promoting values the community stands for. Though the fund only went live recently, it is projected to outperform the S&P 500 both short and long-term. We are excited to see what a company with such a strong passion for promoting inclusivity and equality can do.

LGBTQ Loyalty – Advancing Equality – Barney Frank/Director


Key Investment Considerations

Inclusion Wins  – In a recent McKinsey report, Diversity Wins, researches show that the most inclusive and diverse boardrooms fiscally outperform their more homogenous counterparts 65% of the time, and report more overall happiness and job satisfaction. LGBTQ Loyalty is promoting inclusion at all levels and its values have led to the creation of an index that has serious legs.

Stellar Leadership – The LGBTQ Loyalty team is an allstar lineup, including a Hall-of-Fame Tennis Champion and a former U.S. Congressman. From the overall strategy to the community engagement, each person in a leadership position has skin in the game and a passion for inclusivity. This passion is something we like to see, especially in the context of an ESG fund.

Growing MarketThe $1 Trillion Blind Spot, a report done in collaboration with Kantar Consulting and Hornet, shows that while 8% of Baby Boomers identify as LGBTQ+, 31% of Centennials or Gen-Z identifies as LGBTQ+. In 2019, LGBTQ+ represented $3T of buying power globally. All of this means that every year, the market power of the LGBTQ+ community will grow at an accelerated rate, leading to huge opportunities for LGBTQ Loyalty.

Could Outperform the S&P 500 –  The LGBTQ+ ESG100, like many other ESGs, is performing quite well, due to a variety of factors. In fact, the analysis of the fund speculates that a $10k investment would return roughly $3.5K more than an equal investment in the S&P 500. Plus the investment would align with the investor’s values. This is a big deal, especially for a new breed of conscious investor.


In it for the Long Run

LGBTQ Loyalty represents a class of investment that cares as much about the advancement of its values as it does the bottom line. And that is a good thing. 

The Company is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity, while building wealth through its ETF, the LGBTQ+ ESG100. It has a prominent e-newsletter, and is actively involved in promoting equality for all from the boardroom down. The establishment of its index fund marks an inflection point not only in its own company history, but in history as a whole. As the first ETF of its kind, the LGBTQ+ESG100 incorporates surveys of the community along with the standard set of guidelines used when building these types of indexes.

What exactly is an ETF? For anyone who doesn’t know; “An ETF is called an exchange traded fund because it’s traded on an exchange just like stocks are. The price of an ETF’s shares will change throughout the trading day as the shares are bought and sold on the market. This is unlike mutual funds, which are not traded on an exchange, and trade only once per day after the markets close. Additionally, ETFs tend to be more cost-effective and more liquid when compared to mutual funds.” – Investopedia

Basically, these are cherry-picked companies that fall under a similar umbrella. In this case, LGBTQ Loyalty has determined the top 100 companies that are promoting equality for all, inclusion, and making the world a more accepting and diverse place. That’s pretty cool, especially when we consider the growing population of investors that want to be socially conscious with their money.

The LGBTQ+ ESG100 Index Fund

Those in the know are aware that there have been two other like-minded funds that didn’t quite make it. ALPS Workplace Equality Portfolio ETF and InsightShares LGBT Employment Equality ETF didn’t ever amount to much, despite being all the rage in 2019. So how is LGBTQ Loyalty different? It all comes down to the surveys. It is partnering with Harris Poll to annually survey 150,000 self-identifying LGBTQ constituents across the U.S. for their views about a company’s brand awareness, brand image, brand loyalty and how the firm supports the community. In fact, 25% of the index’s weighting is derived from that survey data. That means fully a fourth of the factors that matter are fully derived by the values of the community LGBTQ Loyalty is serving. This is a first in the ETF world. And that is truly exciting, especially considering the speculative performance of the fund. It is doing well so far, even beating out the S&P 500. 

Other Things to Consider

New Financing Partner w/ GHS Investments 

“We are so pleased to announce the finalized terms of our previously announced letter of intent with GHS Investments to be our financing partner over the next year,” said Bobby Blair, CEO of LGBTQ Loyalty, Inc. in a recent press release. “The $10,000,000 drawdown provides the necessary financing for the Company to grow. This is the best possible outcome for LGBTQ Loyalty,over the next two quarters we can be secure in the knowledge that we will have the backing of a solid financing partner, allowing the Company to prioritize the retirement of our convertible notes, monetize our assets and grow revenue through future financial product revenue models currently being vetted, while we focus our efforts on continuing to create fundamental value and growth for our shareholders.”

Optics and Leadership 

Barney Frank, member of LGBTQ Loyalty’s board, served for 32 years in the House of Representatives, as the most prominent openly-gay politician and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. He was the chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services from 2007 to 2011 and co-sponsored the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act after the financial crash. The Dodd-Frank Act helped stabilize the financial system, and his experience in the financial system and as advocate for equality give LGBTQ Loyalty a certain edge and credibility.  

Also on the board is Martina Navriltilova, former tennis star and outspoken advocate for equality. “Diversity is something very important to me as an out gay person, and a woman, and more and more it becomes apparent that diversity is a good thing for the companies and it is a good thing for the customer,” Navratilova said in an interview with HSBC Bank. “…diversity is a business necessity. More and more customers want to do business with companies that understand them, companies that have a workforce that represents them, companies that communicate with them.”

The company also recently announced the addition of ETF industry leader Deborah Fuhr to the board of directors. Fuhr brings significant experience and expertise in the ETF space, serving as manager, owner, and founder of several successful funds.

“I am excited to be joining the board of LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings to help raise awareness of the need to and benefits of supporting diversity of all types in boardrooms, executive teams, and product offerings, not just the diversity you can see,” said Fuhr.  

The optics of leadership with such experience and passion is something that can’t be overlooked in an ESG focused fund. And in a greater sense, it’s inspiring for the investor community to see a community leading with its values, and putting its money where its mouth is. The inclusion and diversity LGBTQ Loyalty is promoting is also something they are doing themselves. Those optics are very encouraging.

Looking Forward  

LGBTQ Loyalty is striking at the right time, with the right approach. “Now is the right time and my predecessors (refering to previous LGBTQ ESGs) were just a little too early. I also don’t think that they had the curb appeal of engaging the community constituents, and where you really get their voice and data,” Bobby Blair said during an interview with Marketwatch. Prominent leadership and using polling data from the community are two ways that LGBTQ Loyalty is ensuring that it has the best mix of companies in the index. So far it’s paying off, with the fund performing well, and LGBTQ Loyalty advancing its own agenda. We think that this value-driven company is likely to go places. And we’re looking forward to the ride.


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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings (LFAP)
  • Amount & Form of Compensation - $125,000.00 in Restricted Common Stock
  • Who Paid for the Campaign & Position with Company if any - LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings (LFAP)
  • Period of Campaign - 10/1/2021- 12/31/2021
What securities of the Profiled Issuers do we hold? The positions we hold of the Profiled Issuer are set forth below. We plan to sell these securities during the Campaign.
  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - LGBTQ Loyalty Holdings (LFAP)
  • Number of Shares We or our Affiliates Hold - 13,440,860
  • Price We Paid Per Share - $0
  • Date Issued - 9/15/2021

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