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The Next Psychedelic Stock Poised to Go Vertical

Why Delic Corp is the Best Bet in This Emerging Market

Delic Corp (OTCQB: DELCF / CSE: DELC) is one of those rare investment opportunities that we would call a “no-brainer”. With strong financial trends, experienced leadership, a growing market, and a truly innovative approach, we think it’s a good time to jump onboard Delic’s rocketship. 

So what exactly is Delic Corp? It’s a psychedelic wellness company, focusing on fully legal opportunities (like its recent ketamine clinic acquisition) in the psychedelic space. Delic’s M&A strategy leans on the leadership’s connections and experience from over 25 years in the cannabis industry to evaluate and execute on opportunities in the red-hot psychedelic space. 

Delic is the leading psychedelic wellness platform, committed to bringing safe, legal and science-backed benefits and treatment to the masses and reframing the psychedelic conversation. The company operates the largest, most profitable chain of mental health clinics in the U.S. with KWC and Ketamine Infusion Centers after the acquisition of Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) in November 2021.

They are (building) the largest and most accessible chain of psychedelic wellness clinics in the country and a scalable ecosystem to increase revenue, margins and patient base. The company has 12 clinics operational as of early 2022 with 15 more scheduled to open by the end of 2023. The clinics are strategically located in secondary cities to improve accessibility and reach and serve the greatest number of patients. As future psychedelic treatments are legalized, Delic will offer additional options across the largest provider network, no matter where you’re located in America, with a keen focus on serving 2nd cities and the bulk of the population.

They’re focused on bringing psychedelic wellness to the mainstream through an umbrella of related businesses they own and operate, scaling the impact and reach of treatment, including 1) trusted media and e-commerce platforms and in-person events to market the services directly to patients and consumers and gain data, 2) a licensed lab to develop IP, R&D and innovative high quality and safe product lines and 3) the largest and most accessible network of physical clinics to administer effective treatments.  

In short, they have built a direct pipeline to consumers and patients, scaled it across platforms both online and offline and are putting more people into our clinics across the country.

We all know the explosion of the cannabis industry led to massive returns for early investors, and it’s clear that those kinds of returns can be replicated with psychedelics. Now it’s only a matter of choosing the right horse, and we think that Delic is a front runner.

Delic Corp CEO Interview on Midas Letter

4 Reasons Delic is a #1 Pick

Market Potential – Let’s be blunt; we’re talking about several, multi-billion markets here.

 Delic is at the cross-section of the $500B US prescription drug market, the $238B US mental health/depression market, and the psychedelic treatment market, projected to reach $10.7B by 2027.

As the efficacy of psychedelic compounds continues to be studied, the prescription drug and mental health markets will be radically disrupted. To what extent only depends on how quickly certain compounds will be legalized, and based on the ketamine case study, that won’t be too long. Delic is poised to disrupt billion dollar markets, and grow exponentially with the acquisition of successful companies in the space.

Strategy – The pharma angle is a popular one with things like psychedelics. But Delic is taking a different (dare we say better) approach; they are focused on fully legal opportunities to take psychedelics mainstream. Rather than having to wait around for drug trials, changing legislation, and other roadblocks, Delic is using an M&A model to create massive growth within the industry RIGHT NOW. It is a unique strategy that we think will put Delic ahead of competitors who have to deal with multiple layers of red tape.

Shifting Attitudes – Ask almost anyone born before the 60s and you’ll find resistance to the idea that psychedelics can be used therapeutically. Luckily, that is changing. A preponderance of evidence is beginning to show that certain psychedelic compounds treat depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders faster and more effectively than current medications. Ketamine has been approved by the FDA as a fast-acting treatment for depression, while LSD & psilocybin have been shown to reduce end-of-life anxiety in 80% of terminally ill patients. The tide is clearly shifting in favor of these treatments, and with 50% of the population suffering from some kind of mental health disorder, attitudes toward fast-acting and non-addictive treatments is at an all time high.

Learning From History –
Not too long ago we saw cannabis companies go vertical, with some investors seeing 4-figure stock gains. And you know what they say about people who don’t learn from history? The pattern is repeating; a formerly illegal substance is gaining popularity, several companies are beginning to build foundations for growth, and it’s only a matter of time before some kind of medical legalization sweeps across the majority of North America. We’ve already seen several psychedelic companies spike in value (Mind Medicine and Revive Therapeutics both experienced over 2,000% growth in 2020), so it’s clear that psychedelics are the next cannabis. Delic is perfectly positioned for that kind of growth as they continue to acquire proven winners.


Meet Delic: The World’s Largest Psychedelic Event

Delic’s strategy is built on changing the narrative around psychedelics. While the world at large is adopting the sentiment that psychedelics have potential to transform how we treat physical and mental health, Delic is taking a leadership role by bringing it all to the mainstream. On top of their existing network of media platforms, hosting the world’s largest psychedelic event is a testament to their leadership role.

In early November, 2022, 2,500 people flocked to Las Vegas, Nevada for the psychedelic wellness summit Meet Delic. The company sold out their inaugural event, instantly earning that ‘world’s largest psychedelic event’ moniker. 

For two days, thought-provoking discussions were led by speakers like former NBA star Lamar Odom and scholars Dr. Carl L. Hart, Dr. Molly Maloof, Dr. Dave Rabin, MD, PhD, and other recognizable names such as comedian Duncan Trussell, Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus, and actor Johnny Pemberton. 

The event saw a collection of industry entrepreneurs, consumers, leading voices in the research and science behind psychedelics all gathered in the convention capitol of the world. Keynote speakers led presentations on meaningful topics in the psychedelics space, such Drug Use for Grown Ups: It’s About Honesty, LIberty, and Justice, a conversation addressing the prominence of fentanyl in today’s drugs, Psychedelics and Sobriety: The Next Frontier in Recovery, and more. If nothing else, the lineup shows an honest effort to address misconceptions of psychedelic use and get to the core of their potential societal benefits. 

Meanwhile, Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), a subsidiary of Delic Corp, received a record-setting flood of nearly 2,000 calls within a 24-hour period, proving that the company’s outreach is landing with the public and making a tangible impact.

Studies Show Public Sentiment Favors Delic’s Opportunity

In late 2021, Delic commissioned a research study to gauge the public’s current feelings toward psychedelics.

The results favored Delic’s mission. The Harris Poll found that nearly two thirds of Americans who suffer from anxiety/depression/PTSD (65%) believe that psychedelic medicine (i.e. ketamine, psilocybin and MDMA) should be made available to patients with treatment-resistant anxiety, depression or PTSD. According to the survey, nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans who have used prescription medications to treat anxiety/depression/PTSD say that while the medication helped, they still experienced residual feelings of anxiety, depression or PTSD. Furthermore, 18% say that the medication did not improve their condition/made it worse. The latter of these findings is significant, as it points out that traditional treatments are losing favor, which inevitably drives the push toward seeing psychedelics as legitimate and valuable.

Among those in the survey suffering from anxiety/depression/PTSD, many reported an openness to using the following alternative treatments for those seeking to address mental health conditions:

  • Ketamine: 66% would be open to pursuing treatment using ketamine to treat anxiety, depression or PTSD if it was proven more effective than prescription medication with fewer side effects.
  • Psilocybin: 62% said they would be open to pursuing treatment using psilocybin prescribed by a physician to address their anxiety, depression or PTSD if it was proven more effective than prescription medication with fewer side effects.
  • MDMA: 56% would be open to pursuing treatment using MDMA prescribed by a physician to treat their anxiety, depression or PTSD if it was proven more effective than prescription medication with fewer side effects.

The public doesn’t just want to see psychedelics gain legitimacy. They want to see a shift away from the status quo prescription drugs our society has grown reliant on.

A Unique Approach to Wellness

Delic Corp is the leading psychedelic wellness platform, committed to bringing science-backed benefits to everyone, while reframing the conversation around psychedelics. It owns and operates an umbrella of related entities, acquiring and scaling fully legal businesses already operating in the space, and even hosting the world’s largest psychedelic event in 2021. We believe this approach to be an intelligent direction for Delic, as many competitors will be wasting time trying to get products approved by the FDA or other governing bodies, while Delic is already generating cash flow.


Delic owns media and e-commerce platforms like Reality Sandwich and DELIC Radio, which are building a grassroots audience of potential consumers while positioning the Company as a trusted source of information.

The Reality Sandwich website boasts over 5000 pieces of free content, 460k website users in 2020, 1.4M website pageviews in 2020, and favorable Google keyword rankings. Reality Sandwich also has 54k followers across all platforms and an email list almost 7k strong. Ownership over the digital space is crucial for growing companies, as it can help create trust, leading to more predictable buying patterns and better direct sales opportunities. 

To further its reach and help bring psychedelics to the mainstream, Delic hosts Meet Delic – the world’s premier psychedelic and wellness edutainment event. Last year’s online stream attracted thousands of live viewers and thousands more replay downloads. This year’s conference will be held in AREA15, an immersive and experiential entertainment complex in the heart of Las Vegas. The two-day event features industry entrepreneurs, psychonauts, and leading voices in research, science, and wellness. This event positions Delic as an industry leader, creating even more trust and esteem among consumers and potential partners. 

Psychedelic Radio is Delic’s podcast, covering all things psychedelic-related. Since 2018 it has garnered more than 100k streams.

Finally, Delic has had no trouble getting featured in publications outside their owned media platforms.

In Delic’s case, the proliferation of media exposure is highly important. Not only does it lend credibility to the company as a leader in an emerging market, each mention of Delic and its mission enhances the public’s view on psychedelic wellness as a whole.

A huge part of cannabis’ growth came from its pervasiveness throughout culture and publications. Matt Stang knows from experience how important optics are from his time as owner and operator of High Times. The magazine played a massive role in helping educate consumers on the industry, providing a cultural touchstone for emerging products, and giving legitimacy to what was once frowned upon.

We see Reality Sandwich, along with Delic’s other platforms, as key growth drivers for future e-commerce efforts, as well as an innovative way to disseminate pertinent information about psychedelic wellness. With Matt Stang at the helm, it seems likely this area will thrive.

The PsycheDELIC Revolution

Backed by a team of industry and cannabis veterans and a diverse network with a mission to provide education, research, high-quality products, and treatment options to the masses, Delic is undoubtedly at the forefront of the psychedelic wellness revolution.

In its favor is a carefully cultivated audience being primed to experience services and products brought to them by Delic’s umbrella of businesses. The pipeline has been built, now we just have to see how quickly it can be scaled.

Also worth mentioning is the power of Delic’s Board of Directors. Sitting behind Delic is a deep pool of experience that includes CEO’s/Founders of PharmaCann, MagicalButter, Apollo Neurosciences, and more. Delic is being guided by people who have taken companies to BILLION dollar valuations, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Delic has a reasonably tight share structure, focusing on raising just enough capital to acquire ventures and create actual value for shareholders. This shows extreme confidence in their strategy, and so far it seems to be working.

We think that, just like cannabis did so recently, the psychedelic space is about to explode, and Delic has all the right stuff to go along for the ride.

Recent Press Releases

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Delic in the News

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