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Putting Eco-Innovation on the Biggest Stage

ECOX leads green inventions to commercial success

What will it take for the world to enjoy its greatest eco-friendly innovations? We all know the best ideas don’t flourish on their own. They need guidance, backing, and time to grow into the world-changing creations they’re meant to be — especially in a global community eager for green energy sources and sustainable technology. These same inventions also need to be commercially viable. And all of these factors require more than one bright mind to bring an idea from conception to a commercial rollout that reaches millions. 

This is where Eco Innovation Group (ECOX) comes in, a collection of inventors and business professionals who help nurture and catalyze impactful products that can help build a sustainable future. ECOX  brings together inventors, innovators, and creators with the business expertise needed to make eco-friendly products and services a reality. They seek out game-changing eco-minded ideas, secure licensing rights, and prepare them for market launch. Their 9-step process ensures the most innovative products bridge the gap between commercial and ecological success.

Key Features

A Unique Structure

ECOX employs a 9-step process when preparing new products and services to meet the world. Once an idea is conceived, ECOX researches its potential market viability, then moves on to development of pilot programs, testing, and other rigorous steps en route to a commercial rollout. Their core commitment is to finding and developing inventions that will make the world a better place.

Positioned in the Eco-Friendly Bull Market

Morgan Stanley researchers believe environmental, social, and corporate governance investing (ESG investing) will drive as much as $57 trillion in capital flows over the next 10 years. Because of this, ECOX finds itself centered in a market with high upside potential. 

Strong Licensing Agreements 

By securing licensing agreements for only the most innovative eco-minded products, ECOX has global development and distribution rights for ideas that can change the world. They leverage existing product development and intellectual property, then commercialize, market, and sell these products with a powerful go-to-market strategy.


Product Line Progress

So what are these products and how will they change the world with Eco Innovation’s help? ECOX is continually seeking new inventions and their product line will continue to grow as time passes. Here are some of the futuristic inventions the ECOX are currently cultivating for market rollout.


This patented glycerin extraction technology (GET) is a cannabis extraction system. It uses Non CO2 to extract desired compounds ideal for vaping and facilitate automation from plant to shelf-ready products. It reduces extraction costs as well as time and energy use, making it a valuable tool for the cannabis products industry as legislation drives greater cannabis access to public consumers.

ECOX entered the second of four construction phases with its prototype in June 2022.

“The phases are funded by four payments as the prototype build progresses,” says CEO Julia Otey-Raudes. “The 1st payment was made in Q2 2021. Now that we have the Patent, we are continuing full force with the GET™ system build. This payment was the largest one, and we project delivery of this revolutionary supercritical GET system technology to the marketplace in early 2023.”


PoolCooled is a fascinating technology with the potential to change day-to-day energy use across the world for both residential and commercial properties. The invention uses the cool water from a home or building’s existing swimming pool to boost air conditioner efficiency for that same building. Under ideal conditions, PoolCooled units can cut energy demand for residential and commercial structures by 65%, creating a massive cost-saving, green alternative to typical energy costs, with commercial rollout planned for 2023.


ECOX Spruce Construction and Spruce Engineering & Construction

ECOX is capitalizing on ESG’s booming green construction sector with California’s ECOX Spruce Construction and Canada’s Spruce Engineering Construction. These subsidiaries address the needs of a $774 billion green infrastructure market, which focuses on providing ESG overhauls for some of the world’s largest corporations.

ECOX Spruce Construction was granted a general contractors license in May of 2022 by the State of California and was also granted a contract to renovate a major US retailer’s location for a major Fortune 500 brand client.

“Large chains such as Starbucks, for example, are actively building out locations in California to be resource positive, using solar infrastructure, additional efficiencies, and reclaimed wood construction,” says Julia Otey-Raudes, CEO of ECOX. “A growing number of major organizations are moving in the same direction.”

This trend is perhaps best represented by The RE100, a group of more than 360 companies worth over $2.75 trillion in revenue who have all pledged to transition their facilities to renewable energy sources, among other eco-friendly design features that ECOX’s Green Construction Division can provide.


Five years ago, 620 patents were filed in the United States, while just under three million were filed worldwide. It’s estimated that more than 90% of those patents will never be commercialized, licensed, or sold. While some of those inventions don’t have the societal value to thrive, many fail because the inventor doesn’t have the resources to get their product or service to market or their IP doesn’t have strong legal protection. 

In a world battling climate change, where eco-friendly innovation holds the key to sustaining a healthy planet, we can’t afford to let so many inventions die. This is why ECOX developed its 9-step process for bringing the products it cultivates from an idea’s inception to the commercial roll out of a proven product.


How Do They Do It?


Step 1: Idea Generation 

The preliminary design of a product is introduced and refined. 

Step 2: Idea Screening 

The proposed technology is discussed, examining its viability and potential market need for the product. 

Step 3: Concept Developing and Testing 

The inventor builds a pilot system to undergo third-party testing. 

Step 4: Market Strategy Development 

Current markets are researched and the information gathered is applied to strategies for ECOX’s upcoming product.

Step 5: Business Analysis 

Budgets are created and financial forecasting begins. 

Step 6: Product Structuring 

Investors and the inventor finalize compensation agreements. 

Step 7: Product Development 

The original pilot system is refined and revised for its future commercial roll out. 

Step 8: Product Marketing 

A plan to release the technology is constructed, allowing leaders in the industry to utilize it for future growth. 

Step 9: Commercialization Roll Out 

Manufacturing is set, technology is certified, built to scale, and prepared for its market launch. 


The Outlook

Climate change is no longer a sidebar topic of discussion. It’s at the forefront of policy changes across the world, consumers expect it to be the top priority of corporations and their modern code of ethics, and managing it all fuels technological innovation. As such, ESG investing has evolved from a novelty in the market to a bona fide force, with global sustainable mutual fund assets hitting a record high of $2.3 trillion in the second quarter of 2021. Companies like ECOX are built to thrive in this exact space.

Current shareholders have reason to share the same optimism. In the three months ending June 30, 2022, ECOX revenue increased 167% on a sequential quarterly basis to $311,156 while Total Current Assets increased 227% year-over-year to $471k. And management acknowledged that this positive growth came despite “macro-related headwinds,” citing challenges from inflation, downward trends in consumer spending, and global supply chain issues.

“We continue to drive toward scalable growth as we bring our innovation pipeline toward commercial phase operations,” Julia Otey-Raudes, CEO of Eco Innovation Group said earlier this year. “In the meantime, our construction division has been a productive source of top- and bottom-line growth as the opportunities in green infrastructure expand.”

Learn More About ECOX here.





Julia Otey-Raudes, CEO 

Julia Otey-Raudes’ love for the environment comes from her time living in Southern Chile’s Patagonia region. She founded a green enterprise in 2011 and acted as the CFO after helping to launch the company.


Saralynn Mandel, MS, JD, Board of Advisors

SaraLynn Mandel has a MS in botany and has been practicing intellectual property law since 1984, identifying and protecting inventions in fields including biotechnology, aerospace, robotics and alternative energy. She has been in house counsel at a variety of companies and research institutions. Her interests include assisting entrepreneurs and early stage ventures focused on environmental concerns, animal welfare and hobby farming.


Demitri J. Hopkins, Board of Advisors 

Demitri Hopkins is familiar with the space ECOX works in, having gained worldwide recognition as an inventor of multiple new technologies. The prototype of a nuclear fusion reactor he built at 17 earned him honors from President Obama. He brings that same experience to Eco Innovation, working to address climate change and pollution through developing alternative energy and biomaterial solutions. 



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  • Name of Issuer & Ticker Symbol - Eco Innovation Group, Inc. (ECOX)
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  • Date Issued - 2/4/2022

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